thanks jukepopserials for the first vote on first post has accepted my first story, it feels really good, when someone is not averse to pay money for something you have written.

You will have to check out the paying terms and conditions though, the amazon account they allow to create accepts only US citizens.

As money is not my top priority right now I have just asked them about the rules of payment, if they accept Indian accounts then I will have to ask my bro, because I dont have one but he does.

Will keep you updated.

Now, if you want to share your long stories, divided in chapters with serious readers, and you love to know where you are standing you should try this site,, they dont make a fuss if your work has been published before, that is a really great thing and I certainly am grateful for that. Because over the years I have written some long stories in WP that I will love to get tested. God bless them!

Now, if you join there do check out my story too and if you will vote for it that will be just great :)

the tower

Thanks a lot Jukepopserials and Maria (, Maria for showing me the site and jukepop for liking my story. Thanks again and God Bless!


Just love it!

When I checked my story today I was totally surprised to see that it has won its first vote… that felt really good! Believe me!

It feels so good….

Hope my stories will win more hearts, votes and I will become one of their permanent authors.

Wish me luck!

Thursday Blog 24.7.14

In my new world men will be finally cured from the idiotic notion that they are the superior or better of the two genders.

In that world men and women will live in harmony, will live like they are supposed to, two essential parts of human civilization. Equally beautiful and precious.

Women will have full right on her body and no woman will ever be exploited in that world, nor men. Women will be as safe as men are in that world.

They could go anywhere, live anywhere on their own, at any hour of day and men will act like human beings.

thursday blog 10.4.14