Thursday Blog 24.4.14

People who has been through bad times try to forget that phase, but those around them try their level best to keep reminding them.

How and why can they do it? Simple, they give importance to the opinion of those persons. In life, when you have suffered you will see that if times are really bad, you suffer alone, and those who stay with you during that phase dont preach.

People who disappear with dark clouds are the one who preach most, or the ones who slam doors on your face.. So, why give any importance to their words?

In the beginning it will hurt, but with time and practice their words will be absolutely useless.

thursday blog 10.4.14

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sharmishtha basu

the touch final part


She really missed her father, even though he has not been around much but still she knew he was somewhere happy. She started taking long walks beside the river, feeling its calmness slowly seeping into her heart, she often had a feeling that the river was feeling her pain, keeping her company.

It was late as night, she was walking, thinking about the days when she used to walk with her parents, then her father, now alone… she felt as if life was telling her something.

She walked by a small grove of trees, a sharp whisper made her turn and look, “Did she see us?” the voice was familliar, she turned and their eyes met, it was Anuragini, sitting on a rug, her dishevelled condition and her young companion told her the rest.

“Get her…” was the last words she heard before something hitting her and darkness engulfing her.

Freezing touch of water brought her back to senses, she was sinking fast, something was sucking her down to the depth of the river but she could breathe… she could breathe in the water and see.

She saw something… surreal… it looked like a body made of water, it was setting her free.

The chain dropped away, the being touched her hand, held it, she could understand what he was saying, “You are one of us…” he said.

“You are special… to hide you from his enemies your father placed you inside your human mother’s body. You were supposed to be there till he solved the problems but your stepmother killed you, like she killed your father for his money. That young man you saw, he is her real lover, they trap, seduce middle aged old men and then kill them, usurp the money…”

“Let us see what your father says when he sees you… he is waiting in the ocean.”

She looked down at her own body, there was no flesh… only water.

She smiled and held her companion’s hand, her heart filled up with peace and happiness.

Friday Fury 18.4.14

Life was rough
for hours we stalked, waited
then after a real skillful hunt
we could get our prey
then there were so many mouths..
then they came
in dozens and dozens
unlike a deer or zebra
they did not ran when we roared
easy meat
alas! the joy did not last
we were branded monsters
and our whole population
almost wiped out
the lands where we roamed
are now their cattle ground
we perish, they alone survive
and they call us bloodthirsty monsters

I love the movie “The ghost and the darkness”, it is the story of two man-eater lions that terrorized a railway bridge building company’s workers.

They did tried to say that they were evil, but no matter how hard I try I feel sad for the men they devoured but feel equally sad when those two majestic creatures were gunned down.

They were just hungry creatures who went for the easy kill. Why label them?

On a wicked thought, it would have been nice though if they were actually evil and more of them became so… that would have brought some balance to man:other living beings ratio.

friday fury 4.4.14

Thursday Blog 17.4.14

I once read in a book that people with powerful enemies should avoid cowards or weak people, people who are easy to bend like plague.

It certainly is quite true if we study deeply, almost every powerful person has been brought down by a weak friend, how many examples will one want. Sometimes they have been threatened, sometimes bought. But, at the end, if that powerful person kept his distance- he would have been safe.

What do you think?

I personally prefer people who are not too scared to face reality, real life, even if they have commited a blunder or two in life.

thursday blog 10.4.14