Friday Fury 31.10.14

Every year crackers are burst during this season, so, we are habituated to it. But still, it is during these years we notice how much better were we brought up by our parents, and how worthless (almost) is our generation when it comes to teacching manners to our kids.

When we were kid, we had strict orders to finish up the bombs (sound crackers) before 8 p.m. or else next day during day hours. No more nuisance in night. The light crackers were lenient.

We had orders of keeping a bucket beside us with water and drop the remains of every cracker so that the ground wont be stained with the simmering things.

These days the loudest bombs go after midnight and go on and on.

Some kids from a neighbourhood building, whose parents might have been envious of our landlord decided that they will use his wall (freshly painted) to light their crackers and throw the empty packets inside his compound. Now, they were quite not infants, that is old enough to know the nasty side of their actions. I wonder what my parents would have done if we had done something like that!

friday fury 4.4.14