Thursday Blog 20.11.14

I have always wondered why journalists love to stick dagger in the backs/chests (every possible place) of rich and famous.

Suddenly a possible explanation flashed in mind, I was reading one nameless, fameless journalist gloating, no I am not exaggerating, he was actually gloating over Vishwanathan Anand’s defeat in the second game, at first I felt aghast, how could an Indian write such a thing, joy was dripping from every word of that **** then the answer flashed, how do these people feel when they are following/stalking these people and no one gives them a hoot and croons over these celebs? It must be painful and if happens for too many years they can become bitterly envious! So when they get a chance out comes that poison or bitterness. :(

It is sad how shadow always follows light and jealousy always followes achievers.

Do you think I am right?

thursday blog 10.4.14