Friday fury 29.8.14

Was watching a part of a stupid movie Lake placid, in that some huge crocodiles make home in a lake and start eating poor people who went there.

The mindset of the rangers of that movie somehow show the level of idiocy of human beings in general, the crocodiles in the initial stage were fed by an old woman, her husband and her sister, they used to go to their hut to eat every day.

Now idiots like you or me, knowing that they were harmless stupid animals who were eating human beings just because they were available, they were not paid money by some arm dealer or evil doctor to butcher human beings.

So idiots like you or me will just catch them when they show up for the next free snack in the doorstep of that hut.

But the supersmart (more than bloodthirsty than those crocs) rangers went painting warpaints and wardancing!

these movies really tick me off!

friday fury 4.4.14