Thursday blog 2.10.14

Half knowledge is worst poison for one and others. Mostly with half knowledge comes the arrogance “I know everything, or enough, or too much.” and that is truly poisonous.

Recently I was watching a movie based on real life incident, about some teenagers who picked up celebrties and stole their things as they were away on trips.

The two dialogues that will stay with me are the one that the only boy of that gang said, he said after he was arrested someone created a fanpage in his name and that fanpage had millions of likes. Creepy, eh? The good thing was that he was not impressed by that, he said that the modern society like bonnies or clydes over normal, well behaved teenagers.

The second one was made by a girl of that group, the role was played by Emma watson (hermione of harry potter), she chanted some dialogues from Hinduism, words uttered by sages and claimed to be one of them! Oh boy! that really made the hair on my nape rise. When these people babble the words of these sages do they even realize who they are aping? These sages mostly ate once/twice a day, had only two clothes (sometimes one) and lived their lives meditating- not stealing from other people! not drinking bottles of booze, getting high on drugs.

Boy! oh boy! it was really two solid mouthfuls from one single movie. :)

The name of the movie is most probably bling ring.

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