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Thursday Blog 23.10.14

Recently I was watching a Hindi movie, a remake of an english movie. The thing that surprised me and saddened me was how the absolutely normal and quite dumb American girl was changed into coy, virtuous, a little querelus Indian girl. Who was quite a natural flirt though… As far as I know about virtuous girls, who has never been kissed type of girls are not at all good flirts, that is where they get beaten by flirts-boys or girls!

As for the gentle, caring, respectful macho hero of Hollywood was replaced by a egoistic almost abusive Indian man, who was almost on the verge of abusing the heroine every now and then.

It is a sad representation of a society for sure.

West Bengal, the area in which I live always holds women quite high. It really ticks me off when in the name of machoism Bolly heroes flex their muscles on women, esp. heroines.

This is one of the reasons I avoid Hindi movies, by the time I am half way through them I have a deep urge to kill someone!

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thursday blog 10.4.14