Thursday Blog

Thursday blog 28.8.14

I sometimes wonder, I know I have seen the corruption of India up close, more than some, but not more than majority, that is why when Independence day or Republic Day comes I wonder if these are the hoodwinks or actual celebrations.

What is there to celebrate in Independence day? India is more than five thousand years old, I am talking about recorded cultured India, vedas were written round about five thousand years ago I believe. So what is all this bruahaha about a slavery of 200 years? It should be remembered with shame how a tiny country’s fistful men used our own differences against us for two hundred years.

Republic? ahem! we may be better than some of our neighbours, and some other countries through out the world. But we dear sir are not exactly “of the people, by the people and certainly not for the people.” :)

So in place of celebrating these with gusto try to make the country corruption free, that will be more enjoyable.

thursday blog 10.4.14