AGNIJAAT A monthly Ezine by Sharmishtha Basu

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This Ezine contains my creations only, (if you want to write for my Ezine check out just an overactive muse trying to create something that will last for a few years, maybe decades!

I am thankful to Jonathan Ojanpera ( for giving this idea, after publishing a set of books I was a bit confused, because those books contained only 5% of my works and 15% of serious works. I really don’t have any plans of opening a mini library in Amazon, so when Jonathan invited me to write for his blog aculturebent I was thrilled to no end, then things went a little crazy at his end, he is yet to call me, so while my muse was hopping like a jack rabbit this idea came, why not publish in a systematic way, without feeling embarrassed at the numbers every year!

So came the twins, one showcasing the works of my amazing friends, the other one my works, because my muse loves to write, write and write!

Hope they will stay for a decade or two, and before I am dead I will be able to hand them over to someone.🙂

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