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Thursday Blog 24.2.11

There are lucky people in this world, those who can ignore every thing that does not directly affect them. But I have noted there are lots of people in our group who are deeply moved by the plights of other. People who hope and wish every human being will get a worthy life. They leave these messages in their own blogs, where their friends are the only one that get the chance of reading them.

I have been thinking about this blog for a while now, to build a place where every one is welcome to leave the URL/URLs of the posts he/she wants others to know.

It’s for everyone who wants to tell something to us all, the hope is to create a small display board where we all can share what moves us, what we don’t want in our earth, and what we want. That board will be at the same place every week, accessible to everyone from every angle- to read, to discuss or to join.

If someone wants then he/she can add a little explanatory note with his/her URL in the comment.


the only news was starvation in
every home in our small village
lost in the map
hiding in discretion
limelight hogged by metros
or tourist destinations
ours was life and glamour less
old croon starving to death.

First they came with guns
bright eyes and fiery talks
then blood spilled
that was followed by attention
media, politicians finally
the administration.
so much blood started to spill
we lost count of death.

Our kids still went hungry
only fake promises were made
promises we knew will vanish
like camphor in thin air
then someone called me in office
asked me to guard my village
to become its watchman @ 3000 bucks
I decided it was better than hunger.

Thunder roared that night
I was standing beside my body
riddled by punishing shells
people gathered to see
some said it was insider’s job
some said it was outsider’s job
big promises were made
about the welfare of my kin.

my soul roams in that village
alone in deserted roads
when my kids bawl in hunger
I can feel them seeing me
for my whole family
is inching toward me
their path is being paved
by good, old starvation.

The messages left by my friends:









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16 thoughts on “Thursday Blog 24.2.11

  1. River Urke and I have entered into a duel poetry challenge and this is the resulting poem. Duel Poetry: a prearranged poetry writing challenge between two people to evolve a new poem where each writer must respond to the other writer’s lines (4 -5 ) until both parties agree that the poem is complete.

    1. This one is not mere starvation- its a lot more cruel thing. In India ordinary persons like you and me are sent out to guard their villages from terrorists who move around with the finest weapons.

      these men are paid salaries as little as three thousand rupee and are quite often killed in that job. their famillies dont get any consolation or relief because these jobs are without any contract.

  2. It is hard to imagine living such a life…and to die and know that nothing will change for your loved ones…that is beyond tragic.

    Here is something I think might fit the theme, Trisha (you’ve probably already read it).


    1. This is horrible, I think its alright for this blog because here we will not hesitate to share the things that shocked us- i believe if we let others know these scary things that may prevent some of the people who might have done it in future.

  3. Trisha, I believe that “This earth is our collective responsibility” turning away and pretending we don’t see what we see doesn’t serve us. We can do what we can do, what’s within our power and put our self in the shoes of the people we meet.

    Love you
    Noreen xxxx

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