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Thursday Blog 19.4.12

When others are in throne
We scream and weep and howl
About starvation deaths
When the table turns
We get over occupied
Planning foreign trips
Forget the starving nation
And it’s silly people

I remember the pang in my heart when I read an amazing novel by Bibhutibhushan Bandhopadhyay- Aranyak, it’s one of my favourite books. It deals with the virgin lands of Bihar at that time, lands filled with forests and poor people-poorest amongst poor. These people used to gather the dust of corn from the harvested fields and cook that with leaves of edible wild plants to fill up their stomach. They used to walk miles in burning heat if they heard someone was doling out a free lunch/dinner. Eating rice was their dream.

I believed those days are past.

Then I read about people of Amlashol etc. – (people of villages that either starve or eat grass seeds as food) a few years back. It created a large wave. Big promises were made that this stray incident will never happen again.

I expected some shame.

I was wrong- even now people are dying in this country, this state out of starvation.

Why does this gets on my nerves? Every year media flashes about ROTTEN FOOD ITEMS thrown away from government godown, cold storages- at least once.

So, it’s better to throw away food items after ruining them, better than feeding them to hungry people.

In one sentence “It’s disgusting (You can replace disgusting with any other word of your choice, like I will rather prefer the word repulsive).”


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