Thursday Blog 26.7.12

Here is the post Varun wants to share with all of us:

My words for this week:

The interesting point is neither the books, nor media shows women as role models. The most powerful girl I have recently encountered on a movie is of course a Hollywood girl, the leading character of “The girl with a dragon tattoo”; now she was not the perfect woman, nor is any other woman. She was a drug addict, quite nymphomaniac, but her strength of character was enviable. She was being blackmailed by the counselor who held the purse-string to her inherited money; she had to satiate his carnal lust every time she went for her checks, oh! How I love the medicine she handed him and cured him permanently. No! She did not killed him, she just snipped him to his size and made arrangements that every woman is cautious of him.

Then she spent the rest of the movie as an independent girl who was capable of taking care of herself and the hero sitting right in the middle of valley of vicious death.

The movie is really grim and absolutely for adults but such women are the role models of present age. If she is too much for our society to digest then they can at-least highlight the women who make a career for themselves by fighting odds, and to make that career I am quite sure that they had to neglect household chores a lot. If these women are portrayed as role-models more young girls will stop wasting their precious hours in training themselves to become “ideal housewives”.

A woman is not a magician, she can’t play four roles together at a time; that too perfectly. Most women are expected to play the role of ideal daughter, helper, student and sister before marriage. After marriage ideal daughter in law, help, career woman/housewife, mother and wife!

Women themselves should realize that no one else decides their role in life. If they don’t want to be financially independent, or don’t want to have a career, and prefer to become a housewife then they may busy themselves in learning the tricks but if they are ambitious or would rather live their life in the outside world then there is nothing to feel guilty about that. They have full right to live the way they want, but then again it goes back to the ground zero, it has to start from very young age; and at that age only parents, schools or society can implant that seed in their mind.

May be, we can edit to text books and in place of phrases like “Sita is a good girl, she helps her mother in running the household errands.” To “Sita is a good girl, she goes to the local Women Cooperative to learn tailoring after studying, so she can become financially independent.”

Or “Sita is a good girl, she speaks softly, is obedient to her parents and stays at home after school or before school.” To “Sita is a good girl, she speaks softly, is obedient to elders and plays football in the local club, wants to play for India some day.”

And those Hindi movies and serials, in place of fooling women that drunkard, lecherous husbands can be corrected by a wife! Or it’s perfectly glamorous if they weep on your deathbed after tormenting you through-out your life can speak the truth. A woman should not be portrayed as some kind of angel who loves to get tormented. A woman should be portrayed as a human being, who loves and wants to be loved in return.



  1. I like that bit about changing the language in our text books.This is specially so of the vernacular language books and the English as second language books.
    For the serials I have a small direct action plan:Quit watching these programs and get as many women as we can to quit watching them.They are 100% targeted at women.So no = viewers no weepy serials.
    Lets watch Bend it like Beckham,Chittagong,Kahaani,Dirty Picture,Fashion,Chameli and of course Aandhi.
    I think I will write about Savitri Jindal on my blog too.

      1. No single women are far from sad and morose or even frustrated as is commonly believed.But I believe they do have regrets.In fact it is human to wonder about the road not taken.

  2. I absolutely agree to your views. I appreciate your thoughts. Your article came at the right time for me, when I really needed something like that because same thoughts were going in my mind and I was confused whether I’m thinking it right or wrong! Thanks for this amazing post.:)

    and I read in ur another blog about posting our own content on your blog. Please tell me how to do that 🙂

  3. I love reading your stories and wish the world could learn and begin to live as all people, man and woman are the same and deserve the same opportunities, for we are truly equals in this thing we call life. Keep up the great writing, for I’ve been following for sometime and enjoy all you post. B.

  4. I do think there are women role models in books and film. and though I love the strength and eccentricity of The Dragon Tattoo character in the book and the movie, there are other interesting women in film as well.

  5. Woman have evolved from the food gathers to the bread winners and continue to grow. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo showed a versatile multi-layered human who character could have been replaced with a male figure reacting the same way under the same circumstances. I believe that is perhaps the reason you chose her as your subject here.
    Personally, I like the difference between men and women. Women are strong in ways that men are not and vice-versa. I think it is how we are supposed to pro-create and carry one.
    As far as equality. There is no question in my mind that although we are comparing apples and oranges both are still fruits after all!

  6. The few top female protagonist in my list are-

    In books:
    1. Kira – We The living
    2. Josephine “Jo” March – Little Women
    3. Charulata – Noshtoneer


    1. Erin Brockovich – Erin Brockovich
    2. Maggie Fitzgerald – Million Dollar Baby

    it looks like you have echoed just the way forward I have thought! And indeed unless we teach in every possible way what our kids are gonna learn, both at school and at home.. we have no hope to change this society !

    1. seems we are psychologically connected or think the same way, and both are rationally aware of this sad problem of our country. Mothers have to play a strong role in this, and yes, mothers influence kids more than fathers, there is no doubt about that.

      erin is certainly one of good female protagonists, have not seen the rest, you inspired me into sorting out a few female protagonists i like.

      1. i have read charulata by tagore but long long ago and at a very young age. did not had the chance of re-reading it because of some “pathetic forms of human life” who lived in our house for decades without a single dime of rent and while we were busy with our lives, in office, school they wiped clean everything they could, including costly books from my father’s collection. the set of tagore’s writing was one of them.

        the remaining two i have not. i will keep an eye for them … but chances are zero.

        whats that pyramid? a little light please. i am absolutely out of touch with books since 1995, am glad that i read blogs these days, they kind of satisfy me a bit.


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