Thursday Blog 13.12.12

The type of lifestyle in India says one thing that its government should concentrate seriously, sincerely to give its agricultural economy a boost, and eradicate its problems that are quite possible to eradicate.

Some things are tough to eradicate, like making a group of farmers come together and join their farmlands to benefit. Indian farmlands are really, really small, so small that it’s almost impossible to use modern machineries like tractor on quite a huge percentage of them. That of course slashes down the productivity but with our slack rule of law and order none will dare to join his or her land with another, they will fear that they will lose their land by one form of arm-twisting or other, I too share their suspicions.

But, other things can be done; farmers with small lands can be trained, guided to sow things that will benefit them and the consumers both.

The government can play the roles that the money-lenders do and suck the blood of these farmers- give them the money before sowing and collect after their harvesting. Now, if a farmer loses a crop at least he won’t have to pay a blood curdling interest rate till the next harvest.

They can also get rid of those agents who buy the products from the farmers at dirt rate and sell them and collect the booty.

Industrialization is good, essential for any country but industries and agricultures should thrive side by side, especially in countries like India. Industries may be necessary but farmlands are blessing to earth.




  1. Korea is the same way for a lot of its farmland. Especially in the mountains, the amount of land is small and all the fields are small and oddly-shaped, so it’s impossible to use large machines as they do in Canada or the States. However, recently the government or local communities have gotten tractors and other farm equipment that they can share. I think that’s how it works anyway, but there is a lot more modern equipment around than ten years ago when I first came here. It’s really important to improve the standard of living in rural areas.

    1. does it works? in india some fields are so small (but they are the only source of income of a family) that the tractor wont move properly in them- thats the biggest problem!

      the money governments waste on weapons might be invested in improvement of agriculture for the betterment of enviroment and earth, dont you think so?

      1. they have very small tractors sometimes, but I think even here they maybe plant small fields by hand. Usually they use machines for the rice, but other things are all by hand, and a lot of small or remote places do everything by hand still.

        Can you imagine if countries didn’t have to spend money on weapons? They could do so many other things with it.

  2. My father being in the Agriculture department of the state government, these are some of the concerns I have been quite familiar with. How ever apart from the joining of land issue, I believe government till now has taken lot of initiatives to solve the woes u mentioned above.

    No farmers can get loans from nationalized banks and regularly after a bad monsoon they also see their loans get waived off. Recently they have also started getting credit cards! Government has also started buying their produce – at fixed rates directly (and letting them rot to ensure the prices dont go down to save the traders!!)

    The next problem was letting these information reach them – so they have started call centers with Kissaan helpline – to get information on all thing possible – starting from money to seeds and best way to farm !

    1. how much is it working in reality? not in pens and papers? its true i have last met a farmer in 2005, when i was in burdwan but i have not heard any inkling of any such things from them. did it started with the new government?

      we both know how government does “things” in pen and paper and how people still starve to death in villages when no one is watching or flashing them in newspapers.

      when we are dealing with illiterate people, extremely poor people call center or credit cards might not be the very best idea. i cant even imagine one of our farmers calling up call center, going through all that mumbo jumbo and get a help from them, understand that too. i sometimes dont understand what the call center executive is trying to say in Bengali.

      1. well the last time I heard about the call center thingy – these are not one but many – spread across the states.. with local people talking, in local dialect.. just to be near to the caller.. and yes these are new governments way of meeting poll promises. But at the same time I would say this is a beginning. I do agree lot of people at villages have not even heard of these things.. but at the same time it does take time to trickle in with billions of people around !

  3. Both are needed,it’s all about striking a for training,I think the govt. does have quite a good’s the only area where the govt. has succeded:D


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