Thursday Blog 20.12.12

There is something seriously wrong with Delhi. It’s the capital of world I believe when it comes to atrocities against women.

A few days ago a young girl was victim of a monstrous gang-rape and is battling for her life in hospital.

I will suggest other girls of Delhi to avoid one thing she did- which is not a fault but a dangerous thing to do- she boarded a bus with a friend of hers, that bus had tinted glasses. Now, in Kolkata it’s a common practice for luxury buses to pick up commuters when they are returning to the depot empty, but in Kolkata buses crawl- committing a monstrosity like that won’t be possible or will be really tough.

She should not have done that! Not at any cost! But, if she had tried a normal bus or taxi even then it might have happened after all its Delhi but tinted glass should be a strict no-no for every woman who prefers her safety.

Another thing women should do is if they can’t get one of those guns that give shock to assaulters they should keep a perfume with good spraying power/capacity- pepper spray will be best option.

In today’s world knight’s in white armors are gone, eve-teasers have killed them, wiped them off so it’s you on your own! Don’t walk around hoping anyone will help you.

As for Delhi Police, I wonder if they circulate any messages to their female citizens like Kolkata police regularly does, at their door-steps, I get at least two every year- warning what we should not do when we are alone at home or street.




      1. Oh my gosh, that is a terrible thing. A simple thing as boarding a tinted bus can lead to that? It sounds like the men have no responsibility in this awful incident. And sounds like it is common in Delhi? I’d like enlightenment here please.

      2. by boarding the tinted glassed bus the danger enhanced, its a very regular incident in delhi, i really sometimes wonder what police does there, sleeps? every week in average you will read about atleast one incident, and in india women hide these incidents unless pushed to corner.

  1. When i heard the news I was shocked. The circumstances of the deed are a bit murky. Today we saw a report from Cairo that attacks on women in public and on public transport are on the increase there too. Wasn’t there anybody who could help that unfortunate woman on the Delhi bus?

    1. Delhi has always been a nightmarish place for women, in this specific incident it seems their luck was really bad, the bus they boarded apparently it was used by a gang of miscreants to rob.

      a few days ago it picked up a guy on his way home and robbed him, he believes that the same six people were on the bus.

      all the passengers of the bus were members of the gang it seems.

      one blunder and you pay with every thing you have! Police always warns girls/women to not board vehicles with tinted glass unless they own it or someone of their family/closely known person is driving that.

      1. apart from that there are more skeletons in that cupboard- that bus have broken rules again and again and have been spared by police.

        that very night it caused an accident and cops did not do any thing even after the hit guy complained to cops, if they have acted then the girl would have been alive today.

  2. We need much more than a pepper spray and being wary of tinted glasses ! We need people on street helping ! – wrote my heart out at my blog finally !!

    1. believe me! i believe in women becoming capable of helping themselves and other women. i will be writing about this thing this month, even though i truly despise this subject- i will rather hope for a world where this thing wont ever happen but… thanks for letting me share your toil.

  3. That’s really scary. Hopefully women can take precautions and stay safe. I would hope I would try to defend a girl who was being harassed or assaulted if I saw it, even though I’m not a fighter normally.

    1. in india you will end up dead. recently its becoming fashion of india that if anyone protests eve teasing either he is killed on the spot, or they come back later and finish him off. you will wonder, wont you? how can they have such audacity? i do!


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