Thursday Blog 15.8.13

15th aug 2013

Today is India’s Independence Day, the great hoodwink that politicians use to fool commoners like me. Okay, the day is good, great, after all it’s every human beings right to be independent, forget about a whole nation.

I am proud to be an Indian but I really don’t see any reason to go gaga over Independence Day or republic day. Republic day is a farce when the people are not at all aware of their rights. Independence Day is constant reminder of a disgrace- that we were once conquered by a button sized nation that used our weaknesses against us and kept us under their control for centuries. When we became independent we promptly erased the promises we made to our martyrs and started to exploit the freedom.

India has achieved a lot, there is no doubt about that and every Indian should be smug about that, but, the things that rob us of that happiness is the scary level of corruption, lack of moral values of masses and the brutal disparity in distribution of national income. Okay I don’t think a grasshopper deserves a share in the toil of ants, but should an ant that is weak; incapable of feeding itself will be starved to death while other ants feed caviar to their pet worms? If the society was a bit less biased the rich ant would have fed his pet worm pet food and the poor ant would have been able to give his family a square meal- say simple, nutritious meal and a shelter on their head plus clothes. The next rung comes later- education and medical expenses. But every living thing should have shelter, food and clothes/feathers/hair.

Let’s hope that our future generation will work against corruption and other social shames and make us smug to say that we are Indians, and we are super cool.



    1. down here they just keep fooling the masses, and by fooling them they control the minority like us, who question them.

      What good is the growth if people die of starvation? if kids die out of malnutrition?

  1. India is a great country with equally great problems as you have mentioned. Only determined patriotic people like you can make a difference. Participation of a majority is required to deal with massive issues of corruption and other issues. Where there is a will there is a way. Lets hope for the best. Happy Independence Day.

  2. O dear, what a strong statement you are making here. I have no idea what influence you have, but \I hope it is getting stronger and your readers in India recognise there is something amiss in your country. The struggle of survival probably does not leave much time or energy for political action.

    The middle class in India is growing by the day. Perhaps one day you will be all in dependent from the drudgery that is still prevalent for millions today. You are on the way to a future that is better than the past? I hope so.

  3. Brave words echoing, I am sure, a brave heart. Politicians have no problem mouthing the words; then they realise that fitting words to deeds needs courage. Alas, then conscience make cowards of them all.


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