Thursday Blog 29.8.13

One sharp shower of rain and the state capital becomes Venice. My average citizen brain dived deep in that deluge to scoop up some reasons, will the crème de la crème of Kolkata ponder over them? Naah!!!

Still… wishful thinking…

One, how about cleaning up the drains regularly? Now, don’t you say you do it! I used to go out every morning to buy fish for my cats; I noticed the condition of the drain of that market, as far as my itsy bitsy brain says the drains of vegetable and fish markets need special care, right? You will find all types of chokers there- plastic bags to corpses of vegetables and fishes- so the municipality should give it a special care. But no, I could see the drain above which the vendors sold their stuffs, all I could see was plastic packets, the result was out every time it rained properly- the road was submerged in a foot deep water. What if those drains were cleaned properly and regularly?

Two, next comes a huge man-made drain that was once the river Ganges, no, not the river you see under Howrah Bridge, Bengalis say that actual Ganges has reduced to the size of a channel of the river, they call it Adiganga, this has been further degraded to a huge drain, but that drain is clogged, the government was planning to unclog it and turn it into a river again, what happened to that? How about acting real fast in that direction? It will carry a lot of water in it.

Three, how about an immediate ban to filling up ponds, lakes and other water bodies that are still alive? Not only that, how about utilizing some money to restore them? So that they store some of the excess water when required; in place of selling them to malls or housings who will instantly pave them under concrete?

This is one thing that my brother read in news paper and told me, and I too realized how true it was, it has become a manic obsession of Kolkata to sell of every piece of land, if required fill up ponds and canals and build high-rises or malls there, now, that means the entire area will be paved up, the ground that was soaking the water and storing it within will be gone, but rain won’t stop, where will that water go? Create our watery grave of-course!

Four, so all said and done, how about declaring the surviving water-bodies and parks etc plus a little extra ground of Kolkata, a healthy percentage I mean as protected area? Give the earth a little breather? Will that be a too big torment for your wallets?



  1. Wonderful suggestions but it all depends on the political will of the politicians and also it depends on citizens, shopkeepers etc who should show some personal responsibility and not let the drains get clogged. Great post. Take care Sharmishtha.

  2. I have read similar comments from other bloggers. Not a good situation for you guys … pluse probably unhealthy. Looks like all our governments spend too much money on all the wrong things.

  3. they would rather use that money to decorate their Durga idol !

    .. and in any case the city is already condemned to be deluged in a couple of decades as global warming raises the sea level.. so why worry about its future? 😀

  4. These are great ideas, Sharmishtha. They need someone like you in government. I’d vote for you (and help with your campaign). 🙂 Even something as simple as cleaning the drains can have a big impact. After all, if they went through the trouble of installing them, they might as well work.

    1. I know but Indian politics is blackhole, there is no place for light there- I cant survive in eternal darkness. its power is so immense that lighting one’s own candle wont work, sooner or later it will get swallowed.


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