thursday blog 31.10.13

how many of you watch as many movies as I do? I fear not too many, most of the movies I watch are fantasy, I believe they reflect the fantasy of the society too, things that society craves for or fears.

That is why I feel a pang of despair when one after the other movie or series tries to glorify negative characters and finally makes all the good people bow down before evil or become evil or get destroyed by it! its quite a trend these days and I really don’t find it much amusing.

Or the way they try to paint Gods, angels as bad inside and devil and monsters good inside. sometimes I have a feeling that these days human society is desperately in need of some strong values, ethics, the clear concept about what is good and what is wrong, and the honesty to admit it with humility not self righteousness.

Some of us are confused about the clear boundary line between right and wrong, some deliberately confuse others. I always find it easier to know when I was wrong and when I was right, and being prepared to face the outcome.

Sometimes we just have to be clear.



  1. There is a strong tend towards this: making very good characters less good and evil characters better. I think it is an attempt to humanize them, since we cannot relate to pure evil or pure good very well. However, it lessens who they are. After all, if God isn’t perfect, that who is he? Just a very powerful person. I actually walked out of the movie Constantine because I didn’t like how morally wishy-washy the angels were (plus I was in a bad mood that night 🙂 )

    1. I enjoyed Constantine without agreeing to the views, this vanity of human beings always stumps me! I have seen quite a lot people who are poisonous as poison, and have seen enough people who are really angelic in nature, and rest are just like me, struggling- either trying to embrace the angel within or the devil. So, I firmly believe that there are angels and devils- not in heaven but in human body.

  2. Good questions and good thoughts, Sharmishtha. The Gods are failing us because they are made in our images. There as human as we are. Some of us believe in good Gods only and then we are disappointed when something goes wrong. On closer examination we find that the evil doers did not adhere to the rules of the Gods. The rules are often very simple but “Holy Men” interpret and flesh out those rules.

    “I have a feeling that these days human society is desperately in need of some strong values, ethics, the clear concept about what is good and what is wrong, and the honesty”

    You are right. But where is the leadership to lead us out of the spiritual desert? Democracy itself is leading good people onto the wrong path as they try to win votes by telling fibs and white lies. They are found out and lose all credibility. We will be disappointed and fall into despair. But isn’t that the condition of humanity since year dot?

    All cultures have good books where the rules of nature are written down and when I read “Krishna’s
    Dialogue on the Soul” I find as much truth as in the “Sermon on the Mount” or in a book of Sufi wisdom. It is all there, but people find it easier to listen to the false prophets of the tabloid press or the magazines that
    bring us celebrities into our home. This world of illusion is all a big con, by people who have no morality because they think they have no obligation to their fellow human beings. They are wrong!

    Stop watching those movies.

    1. I always use those movies to strengthen my principles 🙂
      in all these years of watching them they have not been able to worsen my views on human beings, actually sometimes they help me in realizing that there are good people in the world and liars always try to deny that truth, to hide their own wickedness they try to paint the world black.
      I fully agree with your views.

    1. and to be something in today’s world you have to compromise a lot, unless you are super talented, and when you are something people listen to you and give importance to your views.

      have you ever heard a wicked man saying how bad he feels for his sins? in place of that I have heard them saying that “Everyone does it, I am not an exception”- they never admit that there are people who just wont do wrong things, or there are people who are incapable of wickedness.


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