Thursday Blog 12.12.13

These days, when i watch advertisements that encourage young people to share their daily routines on social networking sites it gives me a bad feeling.

These business houses should be more responsible, there are so many incidents of online bullying resulting in suicide these days i dont believe that they have missed all of them, and most of these bullies hurt their victims by taunting their private insecurities, sore points.

We, who are quite mature, we too often end up sharing more than we should in our blogs, or sometimes in our friend circle too, i will clearly admit that during my emotionally toxic stage of life i have picked up a ghoul, a ghoul who orchestrated quite a lot of problems in my life thereafter by squeezing out informations from me, by replacing all my cyber friends by himself, using the advantage that i was avoiding people in flesh and blood and counting too much on people i will never meet, living under the illusion that it will keep me safe from those predators i have met, those who befriended me and abused it so badly that it made me hate human beings for years (am not still totally over it). I never thought a simple harsh truth- you may not know your cyber friend, you may think he is a divorcee, american who lives in chicago, a couple of years older than you, but he can know who you are, can be an Indian old man with sons almsot as old as you and a very happy, healthy wife, living in Kolkata and monitoring your movements, because he runs is dirty scams in your home with the help of some disgusting human beings who live there! that was an eye opener, and after he brazenly shared his photograph (only after i met him face to face) i realized that one should not open oneself too much to cyber friends or in internet. it can be really dangerous.

So next time you think about baring yourself in your facebook account or blog PLEASE DONT DO IT!



    1. I dont use masks, even after meeting that ghoul and after being robbed by too many good things by a monster who all the time feigned as one of my best friends after the other! But i will never give away information that will put me in danger or will haunt me in future. I share truth but very limited one, only the ones i think are worth sharing. After all, one ghoul of that mental sickness is enough to teach lessons.

  1. Very informative and an eye opener kind of a post my dear friend. One has to take as many precautions as possible on the internet to safe guard our privacy and security. Too bad that some evil people shake our confidence in humanity to such a level that we are scared to trust the most decent ones too out of fear. keep well and safeguard yourself, you have suffered enough and I don’t want any harm to come even closer to you. Take care my lovely friend and God bless.

    1. it taught me how selfish some people are- they dont care if someone is going through hell, all they want is what they want. I too hope that young people will learn their lessons from those who have suffered and refrain from sharing too much in public media.

  2. Ummm.. Once, I was taught by a very beautiful shrink, that it is basic human nature to cover our personas with masks – knowingly or unknowingly ! and I guess both theoretically and practically she was right – if you try and look hard!!

      1. truth has many faces and many layers – mask can be for deception and for protection too ! Sometime we do it just to keep ourselves away from harm – and some time to gain advantage over others. Reason may vary – degree may vary – names may vary.. but they remain !

      2. well, if we get that deep i guess just like the shrink of mask (the movie) we all wear masks 🙂
        I too have learned the art of perfectly hiding my over affectionate, too much trusting nature, even though i fear that it will choke to death any day now 🙂


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