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Thursday Blog 19.12.13

TRICK QUESTION : How many poors will have to die before Indian Government acts?
ANSWER: Indian Government acts or pretends acting only when terrorist factions raise their heads.

For years the tribals of India has been exploited brazenly. The limit of shamelessness by which these innocent, harmless, mostly honest people were exploited will shock you if you study it. No one bothered! They starved to death, their kids died because of malnutrition, their wives died, family members died because of lack of medical care… no one cared. Then charity started to pour in… when? After they became members of various Maoist Squads. All of a sudden they started to get pampered like prince and princesses. Good. Very good.

One will think like an idiot that this will open the eyes of the government and it will start to be nicer to those who are truly helpless.

Too much fantasy reading… too much of it! snap out of it!

In the freezing cold of Uttar Pradesh, a state of northern India famillies have been forced to desert their homes because of communal riots, government has not been able to send them back to their homes. there are not millions of them in that camp, yet the government is not able to give them a warm accomodation, most probably spending money on their New Year vacation overseas!

Do they have any conscience at all? A little inkling of humanity?

Its sad that the nearby charity organizations are not doing anything either!


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10 thoughts on “Thursday Blog 19.12.13

    1. one year has gone by since that riot, communal issues are really tricky down here, the government has not been able to place them back to their own homes, but they should have and could have done something about winter. In every cold region people have blankets and woolen wears they dont use, and believe me quite a lot of us dont mind giving them away to someone who needs them that desperately- they might have done at-least that.

      media covered it when it was interesting to people, now in a poor country who cares if some more people are dying?


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