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Thursday Blog 16.1.14

We are living in a society in which actual needy persons are thriving alongside those who wear this cloak to meet their daily expenses or greed.

I had a habit of giving money to beggars, a habit that is hard to shake off, but the stories that pop up once in a while in newspapers, about beggars who were carrying millions of rupee with them when their corpses were recovered leaves one in a state of confusion.

Whether those currency bills I fished out and handed over to a person because he had a seriously sick family member actually went to a chemist for medicine bill payment or were spent in buying rations for an unemployed man’s house (This one is alright) or was wasted on drugs or liquors.

Sometimes I suffer from these dilemmas, since a couple of months a young guy shows up at my doorstep, sometimes rings the doorbell to summon me and asks me for monetary help, he says his brother is suffering from kidney problem, they have to spend hundreds of rupee for daily medicine. He has shown me a bunch of xeroxed papers too, now, being an Indian I know they can be real or fake. Initially I helped him from my pocket money, but cant afford it anymore. Because I dont ask my brother for money unless its emergency. I wont, because its his hard earned money.

The problem with these people is they leave a tinge of uneasiness in your heart and mind, what if… If his requirements are genuine then my heart goes out for him, I know how wicked this world can be when your pocket is empty, I wish I could help him, but sometimes I feel I would have loved to have some benefactors in material sense …. 😦 So we are travelers of the same boat, with a big hole in the bottom! ha! Hope he will find someone to help him through this!


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8 thoughts on “Thursday Blog 16.1.14

  1. I used to be in your dilemma till sometime back.. and then saw those faker – one too many and stopped. Now I only help the one too old to fend for themselves. I also believe, its not u or me who helps, its only god helping those who deserve through us, so if the person is really needy and deserves help, God will surely find a way to help them… through us or some other way !

  2. I wish you all the best in using your best judgement in deciding who really deserves your help. When too many people are dishonest, survival for the needy honest people becomes so difficult. Good suffer for the bad deeds of the dishonest. It surely is strange how beggars can have so much money? It is a weird world we are living in, I suppose. Lovely topic my friend, very thought provoking. Take care and God bless.

  3. I have the same anxiety about helping beggars and the fake ones prey on that “What if?” feeling we have. I have helped people and felt good about it and helped others and realized I got cheated. I’ve heard of beggars making 50,000 dollars a year, all tax-free, but then others are literally starving.


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