Thursday Blog 23.1.14

thursday blog log

Some of my stories, poems are really harsh about old men and women, quite a lot of my friends are old men and women, I have often felt this urge to share the source of my anger, source that I personally feel is enough to make me wary and quite furious with them, and their kindred souls.

first one who changed my mind was a man one year junior than my mother, that man, used to call one of his employees his own daughter to neighbours, all the time he was having an illicit relationship with her, when she became pregnant he first denied the fatherhood and then married her, he is the character Keshav in honeytrap. He taught me the bitter lesson, that there are men, sitting beside their own grave (age-wise) and yet corrupting every innocent soul that comes in their clutches, and trying to trap those who are not around them, using their trapped ones.

Second ones were two old men, who encouraged and allowed all sorts of illegal, immoral activities in the very home they were born and brought up in, so that those residing there will have to move out, and they will be able to sell away that house, both were financially stable, one had two flats in kolkata, the other lived in a flat for which he paid dimes as rent, and the building was caught in a legal tangle, so vacating that was out of question, both were above seventy years of age.

The third one was an old pedophile, who, most probably on instruction from Keshav or someone else infiltrated my world, hacking the accounts of my cyber friends, and slowly ruined my relationship with every cyber friend i had at that time, replacing them with himself or his pawns. Not only that, I am quite confident that he monitored every communication that came to me, or went from him, he either was an ace hacker, or someone was helping him. But he did it anyway, I could not grab him by neck, but I had enough hints, because of someone else’s disgust towards him to know that he did. This fellow is the pedophile stalker I have talked about so many times. May be, some day, I will expose their true identities, but it is not that time yet!

Two old women, who forced themselves into my world to manipulate me. To take me away from my room, to their rooms for long interval of times, their fidgeting and the feelings after returning to my room always told me that someone entered those rooms while I was not there. One will wonder, what will that person/s be doing in my rooms in stealth. Certainly not something honourable, both of these women were above sixty years of age. Sometimes I could tell, someone have been tampering with my computer, or other times with the cellphones.

I hope from now on, when I say something bitter about any old man or woman you will know, that those words are targetted about these ghouls, who are about to die but cant let go of greed, lust and evil, the pedophile is a regular reader of my blogs, quite a handful of my posts are targetted solely for him.

Don’t ever think that I hate older people, because I know that most of them are harmless, good souls, but those who infest my world, I will suggest you to run as far away from them as you can. As most of my readers are my friends, I believe they deserve some explanations. This is one, another may come next week.



  1. I’m so sorry it has happened to you. I hope you are free now of those characters. It is like watching a horror movie. Plus we are getting all those other bad news coming from your country. Young women must have really a bad life there.

    1. yes, that phase of my life was a nightmare, it turned my world absolutely around, only God walked with me through that phase, and because of that I became what I am now. I dont think they will ever walk out of my life, as long as they are alive.

    1. I dont call them human beings, and I dont think I am liberated from them, or they will ever let me walk out of their clutches, unless of-course I marry someone far more powerful than them, like president of USA, now that is impossible so I dont think about that. πŸ™‚

  2. I guess people are the same no matter what age they are, some wonderful, some terrible. Those are some pretty horrible people you described. I’m sorry you had to run across them.

    1. that is why I call that phase of my life, my personal hell. I too feel sorry that I had to have them in my life, but you cant choose your family so… I simply did not had any choice, from day one on earth πŸ™‚

  3. there’s nothing wrong at all in expression; and even more so when the expression is good-spirited. I think when u write about the poeple u mentioned, it’s already obvious that u r targetting those who r at fault, not all elderly … πŸ™‚

  4. Sharmishtha,

    This post is quite a revelation. I can sense your angst and frustration of having gone through such experiences and then not able to expose who the perpetrators are.

    What is it that makes some folks adopt such unscrupulous and evil ways? What is it that we can do to take more responsibility in such situations? I would venture to say that “running way” can never offer a solution.

    Another thought. While you have had these experiences with old folks and therefore formed an opinion about this specific age group, I remain certain that such behaviour could be forthcoming from younger people too. So I suppose we should desist from generalizing based on our experiences; rather confront the bad behaviour and deeds, wherever they arise.Would you agree?

    All the best and have a great year ahead.



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