Thursday Blog 30.01.2014

thursday blog log

Ever wonder what should be done to people who do evil things and give excuses of tradition? Being a daughter of India, a country with deep roots in past I know how disgusting, ugly it can become. Because most of the targets of these “traditions” are women, they are easy targets and fun to torture, after all, not only men, women too help in torturing them!

I personally believe that if something evil is done in name of tradition then the perpetrators should be punished so severely that no one else dares to do it in future. They should be reminded one thing- you have right to follow your traditions, but you dont have ANY RIGHT TO SHOVE THEM UPON OTHERS!

What do you think?

Well, if you want some hints about things done in name of traditions- killing their own kids, kids of others, banning them from using public properties, services etc, there are more ghastly examples too, all you need is to google. I am not planning to ruin your mood fully.



  1. I wish I could calm you. So much anger, understandable as it is, is not good for your health. Perhaps India needs another battle between good and evil. Traditions go only so far and need updating from time to time. The world has changed and women, especially them, are so much smarter today. Perhaps man can’t understand this change and they feel under siege. The people who run the country should be intelligent enough (even we have stupid Prime Minister) to start the process of re-educating the country. The new economic development of India washes more of the uneducated into the big cities from the countryside. India is undergoing big changes.

  2. I try to calm myself too, but a recent thing, in west bengal (of all places) triggered it, dont be sad for me, I am mostly happy, I try to keep myself calm too, but if you have suffered yourself you cant ignore the suffering of others, just cant I guess! So I try to wake my countrymen (especially women) up, the waking up of women is really essential- if I am ever cursed with selfishness enough to ignore the pain of others I will be smiling day and night, a curse I hope I never receive.

    India badly needs a very thorough change!

  3. In Britain terrible things can still happen but if you go back a hundred years things were so much worse, especially for women. I think the situation is evolving and one day in the future we will be one world where it will be expected to treat all humans decently. Still bad things will happen.

  4. It is a process of dominant influences. We allow ourselves to be influenced without questioning the basis. The forms of influence are the foundation for all Human-to-Human and Human-to-Nature interactions. The only way to choose how we are influenced, and how we will influence, is to make a conscious effort to observe the process in each moment.

  5. In the name of tradition and ancestral values, we have turned evil by perpetuating an unjust and ugly patriarchal society where we exploit women to further our ends. It’s undignified and I say no to this selfish capitalist-cum-patriarchal system of exploitation.


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