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Thursday Blog 6.2.2014

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We women have a very wrong point of view about our plight I think, we always think that men are the only ones to be blamed for problems of women. Are they?

If we honestly look around us, we will see that its the overzealous help of women that gives men power to exploit women, women on the other part make it easy for men by torturing helpless women.

Let me share a true story, about a woman I am ready to certify in writing, she was a woman with her head in air, she read too much and believed in all the mumbo jumbos written in books, how helpless women are, how sweet, kind full of love their hearts are, they are angels even when they live in hell, brothels. How men are the only enemies of women.

Then her second sister in law arrived at their home, she was welcomed with open arms, with enough love and patience, but from the day one she zeroed her cyclops eyes on her, eyes full of hatred, malice and jealousy, that resulted in her losing her own home, walking out of the home within one year of her sister in law’s arrival, everything turned towards hell, like it does in conservative countries, the further dip into hell came from the helping hands of her own sister and mother, she somehow scrambled out of that pit and when she reached the surface she met an army of spiteful women, who to her utmost amazement were around her, even before her sister in law popped up in her life, it seemed they were controlled by some invisible puppeteer to dance around her, trying to corrupt her, if not corrupt then ruin her reputation- they were all women, because being a small town girl she never mingled with unrelated men, to penetrate her fortress women were needed, and surprise! they were available in dozens! Why these women kept hounding her for years, even before her knowing about them is a question that will most probably never leave her- they tried everything in their power- robbing her off every thing- dignity, love, happiness; drugging, deceiving, spreading scandals, pretending to be her… bizarre activities linked to insanity. Why? Only they know. Most probably they were blackmailed by their agents, who helped them into earning huge amount of money by primitive trade and then whitewashing themselves and marrying innocent men.

All I can say about her that she is not a walking incarnation of devil, just an ordinary person with some vices, some virtues.

Still dont think women are not at all responsible for plight of other women, remember the case of Phoolan Devi? What were the women of that village doing when the men were torturing her? Exactly same thing happened in West Bengal lately, what were the women of that village doing that night? Killing their pathetic souls?

Women! If you actually want to become human beings stop harassing, torturing others- because whether you admit or not, I dont care, I believe that you are the main reason of destruction of other women, not men.


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19 thoughts on “Thursday Blog 6.2.2014

  1. What a frightening story. The tragedy is that the women of her own family who are in most trusted positions wronged her. Most women harm other women out of jealousy and envy, as it happened in this story. The poor soul is not to be blamed since she was let down by everyone in her life. I agree women are responsible for harming other women in the most vicious ways. So sad yet so true. Women must learn to realize this reality and instead of harming each other must go out of the way to help other women in need. Any one can land in a bad situation it is just a matter of destiny. Good deeds done for others will come to reward us in our time of need. Great topic and an eye opening reality you have chosen as your post. Excellent post my friend. Keep inspiring and keep educating us. Take care and God bless.

  2. In my country a mother in law or sister in law can ruin your marriage faster than wind so we treat and view them with utmost caution. What you described is a reflection of what goes on over here, believe you me..

  3. Its true.For some unknown reason women despise one another.I have rarely seen this among boys.Its high time we start standing up for women and allow them freedom to live their life on their own terms. πŸ™‚

  4. I feel that I can agree with you in this. I just don’t understand why some women can envy other women. What’s so jealous of? Don’t everyone have their own problems?
    And I don’t understand of someone. Her academic and intellectual abilities are much better than I do in school. But why is she so jealous of me? In fact, I marvel at her intelligence. I never expect her to lash at me in an indirect way. Then I realized of my parents’ repeated warnings. 😞

    1. this is a thing that baffles me too, when I admire a person, clearly knowing that she has lots and lots of virtues, or solid plus points how can she feel jealous about me!

      guess we both are travelers of the same boat, fortunately we are saved from the greatest vice of women in general- envy/harmful envy. I too feel envious, but I never try to harm that beautiful thing or the person carrying that thing. I am extremely jealous of those who sing a specific genre of Bengali songs πŸ™‚ but that’s all… pure envy- full stop! I applaud them, admire them, respect them and envy them πŸ™‚

  5. very hard to dispute this thought about women harming women as it comes from a woman. Actually a lot is there and this is just one, may be main but one angle of the problem. The society has to change its ways of looking at and dealing with the women. Respect is one thing that needs to be given them. and protection. and laws and their implementation………

    1. my sentiments exactly. I believe in speaking about my own experiences mostly, because I need atleast one reliable witness, unless ofcourse I am speaking about things I never had the chance of witnessing like the nature posts I write about. I wish … but I dont think I will ever see a wild elephant herd or dolphins forget about a trip to space πŸ™‚

      1. come to New Zealand for sure sighting of Dolphins and Wild elephants are in plenty in your Bengal and Chhattisgarh (but be careful.) Space is a far off proposition as of now. But keep on churning your wonderful posts. they are very informative and interesting.


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