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Thursday Blog 13.2.14

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Is it arrogance, jealousy or stupidity that forces married people to think that single people are either defective (physically or mentally), deprived or depraved?

Ever since my childhood, I have noticed this pathetic mindset and it has annoyed and tickled me. The most annoying part is when they get preachy, even though it is none of their business, still they love to brag and blabber how everyone should marry and procreate!

As if their neat little batallion is not heavy enough load on mother earth! So, while we ignore or get amused by their lovegames and the activities thereafter they tend to pester us with their sheer dumb nosiness.

But, as with time patience gets shorter, sooner or later one of them will get a sure dose of good medicine from this tongue at-least, a healthy dose that has always been tucked up inside, but being the daughter of a well-bred family I could not let it out, alas! short fuse often blows away the strongest chain of self-control.

Honestly, is that proverbial remark really true that only fools fall in love or marry?

I believe that its not foolishness, its jealousy that pops up in the minds of these chained creatures, bound to a bond by their own free will, now they eye free birds, flying in the sky merrily and try to steal their happiness, freedom by any means.

what do you think? πŸ™‚


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24 thoughts on “Thursday Blog 13.2.14

  1. Great topic for a genuine issue. Personally I think it is jealousy of the freedom the singles enjoy. Also some people tie the knot out of sheer pressure from their parents, siblings and friends so when faced with lots of responsibilities of married life they envy the life that is free like a bird. Most of their aspirations and dreams crumble and they feel jealous of those who can still dream and aspire for whatever they want out of life. These are some of the reasons that come to my mind. I agree 100% with your views. Short temper can lead to innumerable regrets so better to control it my friend. Wishing the best of life for you as you would desire to live my lovely friend. Take care and God bless.

    1. If you will hear their acid opinions about how you will die … you will truly have an irresistible urge to kick them – believe me this is India, and these are Indians- they do behave like that, without provocation, without least interest in you. they wont make your life happier, but will try to make it as miserable as they can if they see that you are happy by yourself!

  2. Nothing in this world is perfect – and so are marriages ! There are definitely a lot of horrific pitfalls of it, as you rightly said (and I heartily believe too!). However a handful of people manages to find the right partner – sometimes late and sometimes with a few trial and error. But when they do – I believe its better than both (the single-hood as well as patchy marriages!). I am not being preachy – but telling it from being on all the three side of the situation!

    but yes – preachy people can really get on to your nerves.. yet a wrong word out of your mouth is beyond your control and can hurt you back again and again! So better to use the two ears god has gifted us – take in from one and throw em out from the other !

  3. “Is it arrogance, jealousy or stupidity that forces married people to think that single people are either defective (physically or mentally), deprived or depraved?”

    I never thought like that. I’m still happily married to the same woman I fall in love with in an instant fifty-nine years ago. Foolish? I don’t think so ! Of course people fall out of love too. Luckily this did not happen to me. I’m not jealous of single people and neither do I tell them they are missing something.

    saminaiqbal27 says, “…some people tie the knot out of sheer pressure from their parents.,.”. I can assure you it was quiet the opposite with us. Both our mother were against the marriage, for the same reason; I would not be good enough for my future wife. Both our mothers were divorced and very lucky in their choice of husbands.

    My mother had nothing against my wife, she loved her. My mother-in-law came around too and she liked me later after promising not to talk to us ever again.

    Perhaps we were just lucky. That how life is.

    1. you and aunt uta were not only lucky, you have built the love you wanted to. it takes lots of tears of sacrifice to create a garden of everlasting love. I am so proud that you are my friend!

      if a well wisher of mine frets about my old days and lectures me I get it. but in India every stupid fellow thinks that s/he has right to poke nose in your most intimate affairs- like love or married life. these are the people who truly get on my nerves. as you know, most people in world are either stupid or of average intelligence, i belong to either of these categories but I know my limits. which most Indians love to forget!

      1. Thank you for your kind words. We were lucky to find each other and we know nobody, as you describe, who sticks his or her nose into our affairs. Perhaps we have an aura of indestructibility around us that protects us from malice.

        Sometimes stranger come up to us and tell us how happy they are seeing us together.

  4. I think it’s a lot of issues, but also just blindness; unable to see that things might be different from their own personal circumstances. I get the same thing sometimes with people who find out how long I’ve been married and still don’t have children. They say things without understand my situation and I’m sure not going to explain everything to them. With that or with marriage, it’s really none of their business, right? πŸ™‚

    1. exactly. In India if a couple is childless people take care to make the life of the wife a living hell. you wont even believe the humilliations she had to face! she is barred from religious ceremonies in too many famillies- seeing her face in the morning, before any religious occasion is often taken as a bad omen… human beings! they just take those parts of modern education that appeals to their fancy! you will see couples smooching in front of their grandparents but peel the skin you will discover neanderthals

  5. jealousy that pops up in the minds of these chained creatures, bound to a bond by their own free will, now they eye free birds, flying in the sky merrily and try to steal their happiness, freedom by any means.
    Love the lines and it says everything. I get so worked up when people would tell me to marriage. C’mon, it’s our lives and who are they to tell us? Fine! You are married and nobody forcing us..i dunt have ne problem wid ur being married status and why should u have a problem with us being single:)

  6. I think, that it should not really matter -marrying or being single- on a general scale, because there cant be a right and a wrong here. For some, marriage may be a positive event in life, while others might benefit from staying single and living lie their own way. The people who think its their business to worry about others’ marriage, they should be told to “live n die worrying about it”.. who cares

  7. I have seen people to be so cruel sometimes in their comments about unmarried and childless person. In my case whole neighborhood was worried until my sister and i got married. You have touched the right cord.


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