Thursday Blog 20.2.14

thursday blog log

four things about succesful lovers- tell me if they are right or wrong, please! It will enrich my knowledge and may help others who are looking for it…

At first, I will sheepishly admit that I have never had any experience of this – I know quite a few who had one-sided crush on me, and I too had some on my part. But till date I cant call anyone my lover and am glad for it too, if later, I marry someone I will be able to boast that he is my first lover ha ha and a big grin.

So, after reading too many novels, watching too many serials and movies I have noticed four and more strong things about succesful lovers (those who get married at the end of the movie/story/serial).

1. Lovers, especially men look too much at the physical side, their lovers have to have something to stimulate their senses, physical senses- a pretty face, figure, sex appeal… women may fall for an average man, but men never do that, unless they are nursing the wounds inflicted by an aphrodite.

2. Its perfectly alright if your lover treats you like a dustbin, vents out all his or her frustration on you in the ugliest manner, you will keep loving that person, especially if you are a man, actually if you are a man you will prefer a woman who uses you and abuses you.

3. women love men with two day old beard and body odour.

4. If you can make a woman laugh you can make her fall in love too. (As a woman I think its the stupidest idea)

Now share your point of view on this funny, cute subject and questionnaire please!!!!




      1. See, I can understand the case of people in village who has no ways and means. But, no sympathy for well to do and who have possibility to earn a decent livelihood. The argument, ‘I am doing it for my children’ is bullshit.

      2. if someone is earning good enough to live a dignified life, yet keeps tolerating an abusive partner, s/he doesnot minds it, so should not complain! we often mistake indian women with our western sisters- their country is far better a place for single women, single mothers.

        Let me share a real example, a lady i knew came to know that her husband was having an extra-martial affair for decades, hiding it behind “Tutions” and “tours”- had two kids from that woman, now, the victim was from a very respectable but poor family, She could not take up the job of housemaid or factory workers- only options available for a middle aged woman in India, looking for first job or job after twenty years of break! What would have you suggested her?

        She tried to make her husband pay allimony but he slipped out because he had money and connections.

        She is a part of my ex family, so I dont know anything about her anymore, but tell me, what would have you suggested her? Do you think housemaids and factory workers are safe from sexual exploitation? they are the worst targets! forget about nightmarish work environment!

  1. There’s more to it – but …
    I’m thinking – no set rules
    Respect should definitely be part of the mix though.
    I think it’s mostly in the heart & in the natural chemistry of attraction.

  2. Agree somewhat with David! But I guess coming from a person who loves to believe himself as and “Eternal Romantic Optimist”, I feel to put some words to my feeling on those four points..

    1. Its only partially true – coz when you are in love, there is nothing more true than the much used adage “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”. Even a very ordinary looking person starts looking looking like winner of a beauty contest; at least to the partner – and its true for both the male and the female lover. Sometimes its just one feature, may be the way hair is done, or the way the smile comes out – and that is enough to make him or her most beautiful person to the other lover.

    2. Gone are the day when either the male or female tolerates public abuse or treating the other one as doormat. But at the same-time, lovers help each other to vent. Knowing very well that the anger is not specifically at him or her, they let their partner vent their frustration and come back to loving original self. It actually increases the trust and respect for the other person knowing they will help when no one else would. Some may disagree but this what I have seen and learnt in life.

    3. Strongly No – nether of them. Unkempt beard is itchy! 🙂 and while normal body odor do act like pheromone but too much of it is definitely repulsive for both the genders.

    4. Making your partner laugh is definitely a huge advantage, as this helps you to soothe the nerves in today’s pressure cooker environment. And I guess sometime even doing silly things just to make sure that the other person has a smile in his or her face makes it worth. At least I believe and practice it all through my life!

    One may or may not agree to my words, as they are purely how I have lived and loved till date ! 😀

    1. well I do, but dont you think that lovers treat each other with tenderness in private too? I do! having a good squabble once in a while is perfectly okay, but treating the other like dirt too regularly, for too many days… hmm… i think that may kill my love!

      1. Fully agree with you on that – letting the other vent to calm down is out of love.. and if that act of love is not reciprocated or at least acknowledged with love and respect, it cant survive for long…

  3. I can most relate to #3, BUT! After three days it will become unacceptable. She doesn’t like to be scratched by my face, and neither do the girls.

    Making a woman laugh is a good sign that you may already be in love. The dumbest things can be very adoring to a smitten woman. So, no, I don’t believe that a laugh will cause unconditional love; only indicate that it may be happening.

    The forever kind of love is ever changing and very difficult at times. Sometimes a good fight/venting is healthy. It makes us say necessary things that we might not otherwise say when everything is peachy.


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