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Six months passed like six weeks, soon it was time for Chris to return home for a few months.

“When are you returning?” Tandra asked.

“As soon as I am done there.” He answered. “A few months at the maximum. Next time I will stay back for a year and start the new projects.”

“The place feels dull without Chris.” Pranesh said morosely. “We used to have such a great time together. He is a very fine fellow!”

She looked at him and smiled, he looked really lost without him. She kept her own feelings in her heart, that she too was feeling his absense quite a lot.

It seemed as if the place has lost a substantial amount of light, happiness.

“Hey!” a familliar voice startled her, he was standing at the door, smiling.

“You are back!” she could barely suppress her happiness.

“Yes… finished it up as quickly as I could…” He smiled, “Was feeling out of place in my own country…”

“Tonight you and Pranesh are having dinner at my place.” He invited them both before leaving for his flat at afternoon. He came to the office straight from airport, Pranesh and Tandra had to almost shove him out of office after lunch, to get some rest.

“Pranesh betrayed!” he smiled. “He is out with his girlfriend. It will be only us… hope it is ok for you.”

She smiled and handed him over a bunch of Rajnigandha flowers, she has noticed too many times that he was quite fond of these fragrant flowers.

“Thanks.” he smiled.

He was an amazing cook. She has never tasted anything like that before. The absolutely new style of cooking was really delightful to the tongue.

They were sitting outside in the terrace, both were silent.

She turned and noticed that he has been looking at her, for some time it seemed. There was something in his eyes. As if he was about to say something but was not very sure.

She smiled, “If you want to say something you can say it…” she prayed inside that he wont say that he has had enough of India and wanted to go back to his own country. Suddenly she realized that she cant think about letting him go.

“I brought something for you…from home…” he said, then he fished out a small box out of his pocket.

Her heart stopped when he opened it. It was a beautiful ring. “It belongs to my mother, she wanted me to give it to my wife.”

He paused for a long time then continued, “I will be glad… truly glad… if you will marry me…”

He lifted her hand and slipped the ring in her finger.

“Don’t you think ….” she asked, “It may not work out… we belong to two quite different cultures…”

“It all depends on how much we want it to work…” Chris said. “We both are old enough. I know I love you, and I have felt that you feel the same. We both are matured enough to sort out big, small problems in life.”

“Well, I like Indian cooking, Indian lifestyle, you love my cooking, may be you wont hate our lifestyle much… so why not give it a try?”

“All these petty differences are given too much importance by hearts that do not love… when you love someone these differences no longer feel so intimidating.”

“Religion?” she asked.

“You will follow yours, I will follow mine, and we both respect the other’s religion… so…”

He lifted her hand and kissed it.

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to be continued…..

IF YOU HAVE MISSED A PART OR TWO, CHECK THEM OUT HERE: earthinbw.wordpress.com/a-little-bunch-of-stories/a-love-story



  1. Was waiting for you to write the end piece – so that I can read them at one go.. a nice uncomplicated sweet one for a change and it left a sweet taste too ! Good Work !!


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