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Thursday Blog 20.3.14

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Recently I was reading a poem, and a true posting on FB, both regarding discarded newborns, in scariest places by their mothers most probably.

One will wonder if they might have been human enough to leave those kids at at-least someone’s doorstep or in some place safe in place of leaving them to the pity of beasts and nature.

May be, governments can do something about these cases, like if someone dumps an illegal child they may just let that person dump the kid without asking any questions.

It may be much humane. After all, those without any emotional bonding will get rid of them, by one way or other… so…


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16 thoughts on “Thursday Blog 20.3.14

  1. There is a church in Korea like that, where mothers can leave their babies anonymously. They take care of them and find a place for them to live, I think. Still, it’s sad that women are in such a bad situation that they have to give up their baby.

    1. The thing that intrigues me most, if these women are not girls or insane is dont they know a thing called “prevention of unwanted pregnancy”? Indian television shows programs like rituals to control population! I really dont think there is much excuse behind having a fling and then dumping your own born like that!!!! at the mercy of rats, dogs and heaven only knows what else!

  2. Its a human tragedy n it’s sad that a child needs the human warmth, mother’s love which strengthen the bond of love and trust. In Mumbai, there are many such cases and I believe if u don’t want a child, simple ‘don’t conceive’

    1. exactly. that is what i would have told these women too unless of-course it was forced upon them. That is why i think a woman should be allowed to abort a baby, if after a thorough counselling she still wants to abort it.

      1. Even I am in favor of abortion since it’s a woman body and if she is forced, she will not be able to give love to the child. I know a case where a woman don’t like the child who was the result of rape. But, then, it’s a never ending debate.

      2. I too believe as the woman will have to bear most of the burden of the child, before s/he comes, she should be the one deciding not anyone else, may be the father’s words can be heard, weighed… if he commits that he will bring the child up (including changing his diapers) after he is born then the woman mwy be requested to respect his desire, after all, its his child too… but at the end the mother should have the final say! women are not some breeding animals, they are human beings, and if a child is shoved on them, that child’s life can become pure hell!


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