Friday Fury 21.3.14

snake 22.3.13

Confidently spread rumours
about their spiteful nature
which is not even close to truth
is the reason of their killing
without any regret.
If only we will rise above
“our interpretations”
and see how they mostly
mind their own business
and keep away from us
we may return their courtesy.

Snakes- they scare most of the people, I feel uneasy about them but if I discover one in my home I wont run to kill it. Fortunately after living in my ancestral home for years I know that most of the snakes in India are absolutely harmless, and I think it takes quite some bad luck to get bitten by one.

The toilet I used had two water containers we call them chaubachcha or hauz, they are made to keep water in them, for later usage. One of them had a hole, so for some bizarre reason that was filled up with all types of leftover materials like tiles and bricks.

A huge snake started to live in that hauz, the first time I met it was absolutely terrifying. The bulb in that toilet was just formal, a zero watt bulb in a room that is almost as big as my present bedroom that too hidden behind a machan that hung from ceiling, again containing huge amount of excess materials, once used, no longer needed. These were materials of “great sentimental value” to my cousins who no longer lived there. So we allowed them to stay there, before that incident.

I went there to pick something up and fished it right in front of it’s nose, it darted back, for a second i thought it was a rat…but then to my horror I realized what it was. I will not forget that feeling ever!

It disappered in the tiles. The next day when I emptied that hauz it was not there, it was a huge snake. I wonder for how long did it stayed there…

It is true that they really create a sense of unease in every human heart, but, in reality I will love to know how many of them actually bite without provocation, or fear.

friday fury 28.2.14



      1. that is a myth i grew up listening to, i was quite disappointed to know that there are very rare deadly snakes in india, and the most poisonous one is absolutely terrified of human beings 🙂

      1. Well that’s a good approach. 🙂

        I probably would not have screamed either. Although all systems within me probably would & then come to a two second halt. I am “afraid” of mice & I once caught one as it pass down my office cube. I was 7 month pregnant at the time. Everyone else around me was screaming & squealing. I calmly waited for it to pass by me again & grabbed the recycle bin in my cube & trapped it.

      2. you are brave!!! mouses dont scare me, as long as they dont try to climb my dress, it happens sometimes when they are really scared. i am scared of a very funny thing though… very very scared- i dont know if they are found in your country, there is a type of ant, huge, almost size of a bee but they have a huge head and when they bite, they make you bleed- i am absolutely scared of them. 🙂

        after living in my previous house i got rid of fear of scorpions substantially, that house was infested with huge scorpions.

      3. those ants are really scary! before living in previous accomodation I had a misconception about scorpions that they sting without provocation, but, after living there I have realized that I was wrong, they dont…but one thing is for sure, I wont like to live in a scorpion infested house again, they are too small to notice!

  1. I know….in my ancestral home too in village we met snakes. not quite often though. one lived in the long storage room somewhere behind the big bamboo containers in which grains were stored. I agree they usually don’t harm us without provocation.


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