Thursday blog 3.4.14

I personally believe in eradicating prostitution, not merely banning it. If that is done, I believe the society will be better. At-least if it is banned, and that ban is firmly maintained, how much will it solve the problem? There are people who think they are hapless, harmless creatures caught in wrong places, but in reality, no human being can stay hapless, harmless after living years in that lifestyle, first they lose hope of getting out, then they become desperate for their own well being, and that results in harming others, because for quite rational reasons they lose sympathy for others. They may not be monsters, but if time requires they can become far more dangerous than any other group of people I believe, even more than criminal gangs. Because they are not scattered little kittens, at least not in India, here they are quite united, and quite powerful too, so if they get angry at you, they can cause you deadly damage, and if you are an ordinary human being, with ordinary resources you will most probably get washed away in that mudslide, and if you are powerful you will come out absolutely mud covered, scary part is, it does not takes much for a ripe poison fruit to burst… so you can be just the harmless passerby.

So, taking in mind the real truth that they are just human beings, with all vices and virtues stuck in the wrong lifestyle, and unlike other human beings they regularly trap innocents in their lifestyles, if we ban this thing and start eradicating it (even at the cost of shipping their customers off to some forbidden planet) will the society be a much better place? I think so!

What do you think?

On the other hand, if it is given a free go, I believe soon moral ethics will go lot further down the drain in today’s world.

thursday blog log



  1. I wholeheartedly agree with your words and sentiments! Thank you for sharing about such a difficult and emotive subject, perhaps if more people were to be open and honest we could work together to eradicate it once and for all!! Hope that you have a blessed day and a great weekend to follow, Keep up the great work and God bless you lots πŸ™‚

      1. I know, i too sadly have had my own vile experiences of these men of power!! Too many people have a vested interest in staying silent and keeping their heads turned the other way, that is why they get away with what they do, it’s big money and lots of power for so many ungodly people. That’s why I believe we must all try and do what little we can do to make a difference and to shine a light on this evil once and for all, so that none can ignore it anymore. God bless your great endeavors my precious friend today and everyday πŸ™‚

      2. and it is sad to think that they get all that money from the taxes we pay- right? may be, we should start thinking about this harsh truth collectively and start acting. Trying to change the scenario.

      3. I agree!! Too few get away with dictating the rules that burden the lives of us all. We need rules yes of course we do but we also need honorable people to ensure they are maintained for the betterment and greater good of all and not merely for their own pockets and control. Equality is key I think, but on so many levels that is still just a dream to far too many people 😦


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