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Thursday Blog 17.4.14

I once read in a book that people with powerful enemies should avoid cowards or weak people, people who are easy to bend like plague.

It certainly is quite true if we study deeply, almost every powerful person has been brought down by a weak friend, how many examples will one want. Sometimes they have been threatened, sometimes bought. But, at the end, if that powerful person kept his distance- he would have been safe.

What do you think?

I personally prefer people who are not too scared to face reality, real life, even if they have commited a blunder or two in life.

thursday blog 10.4.14


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4 thoughts on “Thursday Blog 17.4.14

      1. It is much harder on the Internet, at least quickly. After you talk to someone for a long time, you learn about them. It’s very hard to be fake for a long time, even online. People slip up. That’s why I feel I know you, even though we’ve never met.

      2. and in my case funny things happen, people get replaced, an american divorcee gets replaced by an indian married pedophile, a person really close to my heart gets replaced by the same pedophile… they have all your data in their computer to keep playing that game. brilliant, is not it? The only thing I wonder about is how black is their soul, what is its material that allows them to sink so low! Treachery is something I never liked and will never like. I dont accept any excuse for it, and dont think ever will.


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