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Friday Fury 25.4.14

If man can fly away
to a fresh new world
what do you think will happen?
will he become a part of that
a harmonious being
after learning his lessons here
he wont meddle with that planet
let it be, let it stay pure, unspoiled?

I was watching a movie pandorum, in its end the earthlings landed in a new planet, it seemed uncorrupted with lots of other life forms. Earth was destroyed, reason not told.

The thing that comes to my mind is will they respect that God has given them another chance? Wishful thinking me says the earth is intact, even then, they wont be able to come back from that new planet, so we can say it is their second chance, will they respect that or ruin it? What do you think?

friday fury 4.4.14


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4 thoughts on “Friday Fury 25.4.14

  1. I think we have a lot of growing up to do as a species, until we become wise enough not to soil our own nest, as the phrase goes. If we do not, and soon, we humans will put ourselves in a very bad situation, and take many other beings with us!

      1. We are like spoiled children at a sweets vendor without parents, the way many of us treat our world, greedy, thoughtless, grabbing at and knocking over the goods without care for the consequences. This is not good for our health or that of our only home, and all may suffer for the foolishness of the many.


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