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The key part 2

spr 2.2.13

He opened the box with eager hands.

There was a key inside it. A key made of the same crystal, apart from that there was another note.

Dear son,

think deeply, if you decide to move forth, join a journey of adventure use this key to open the locker in my reading desk.

the drawer you always wanted to see inside but never could. There is a diary. First read it, then use the set of keys there.

May your heart be your guide.
affectionately yours,
your father.

He quickly went upstairs and opened the drawer. His father was right, he has tried to open it so many times when he was a kid. Waiting for a single chance when his father might leave the key by mistake. But he never did.

There was a diary inside it, as promised and a set of keys made out of crystal, but every key had each own colour, he counted, there were twenty keys in total.

He locked the keys back in the drawer and took the diary to his bed.

The first page said-

We are the descendants of one of the greatest sorcerers that world has ever known. It is believed that our ancestor thousands of years ago created a world of magic beautiful and evil both. That was so powerful that it took generations to capture them and close them behind doors that kept them inside by spells.

The following generations used those realms as training arenas.

Then came our times, we the ones without any magical power, with only one hunger- hunger for wealth and adventure. So many has lost their lives behind those doors. Yet I will go… and every time I can return I will share the stories ….

In the end his father’s name was signed.

He turned the next page.

The red door –

I turned the key into the hole and the door opened. There was a small ante room before another door. In that room there was a cloak and a ring, and a letter.

My son, if you are following my footsteps, do not forget to keep the ring, cloak and the letter back there for your son.

So, I picked up the letter and started reading it. It was not actually one letter, I could see a huge stack lying beside, seems every man has left one after coming out of the room, for his son. Dont worry, the paper stack and inkpot keeps replentishing itself. Feel free to use.

Now, my son, the cloak will make you air, for it is a scary world inside for sure, it is the easiest one too. I wont spoil the surprises, just remember two things- the cloak will turn you into air, and if you are hungry or thirsty then you will have to open it to eat or drink, that is to use your body you will have to open it, but beware, it is a land filled with dangers. If you feel trapped, scared or tired rub the ring in your palm twice, you will come back to this room.

I passed six months in this realm. With priceless memories.

With much love,
your loving father.


the rest is here:


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