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Thursday Blog 29.5.14

There is one thing I feel very funny about Indian businessmen is their tendency to pump of patriotism to sell their stuffs. When foreign goods were not available in India the quality of Indian goods were horrible! Then the foreign goods arrived and their qualities shot up. That meant only one thing, till date they were deliberately selling inferior quality goods because they knew they will get away with it, because there were no competitors. When competition showed up they instantly started to perform.

The business mentality of majority Indian business houses is horrible, in place of improving their performance and service they invest their energy to advertise and fool.

Starting from small businessmen aka the grocery shop owners to the big business houses, the disease is quite well-spread. Their motto of business is you will have to buy what we sell you. You may not like it, it may not suit your needs, it may be inferior, it may not be worth your penny but you will have to buy it because you dont have any other choice. Some examples-

1. Recently I stumbled upon a website that offers doorstep delivery of books, I checked their library and calculated that it will be better to buy the books instead of renting them for such whopping fees. So I asked the lady handling the department the total cost of a list of books, am still waiting for her answer… most of the people will dump that site and buy from some place else- fantastic sense of business, right?

2. A grocery shop I used to try because it was a few steps away from my previous residence, the owner walked around like a zombie, in slow motion, and every thing I asked for, well he never had them, half of them were not totally available, the other half were available but in other brands, now brand does means something especially when it comes to edible things or things that will directly effect your health. I often had a urge to ask him why did he bothered to open that shop….

3. The guy who sold me the plants, pots and soil, he was trying to sell me off everything he had but i bought only a few things, pots, soil and fertilizer. He robbed me like a ghoul, I knew that but I am really sloppy in bargaining. Now, I can see that the soil he gave me and the fertilizer- both must be full of toxic waste 🙂 because the plants died real soon and the soil is absolutely barren- not even grass grows in them. I am trying to punch up vegetable peelings to give it a little life … now, this is his business mentality, if someone trusts you, does not knows the rope rob that person from every possible angle! Then go back home because you could rob one person of a lot of money, who cares if no one else buys from you…. you robbed one person and that is how business dealings are done.

4. More than a dozen dress sellers in my locality, I went out to buy some summer wears, to be precise a few noodle strap tops, I visited half a dozen shops, in name of summer wear they had half sleeve, full sleeve gowns and tops made of most uncomfortable fabrics. this is what happens when men rule the world of garments meant for women. Who cares about their comfort? Men dont have to wear tops, they can strut around topless…

The gist is I hate Indian businessmen and their ways of serving customers.

thursday blog 10.4.14


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  1. Here in Korea the service in stores is generally good, although they never have my size since I’m much bigger than the average Korean. I’m not looking forward to going back to the States, where the service is okay, but where it’s hard to find salespeople in big stores if you need help.


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