Thursday Blog 5.6.14

Indian democracy has been reduced to a joke by its power-hungry politicians, the most corrupted band of people in the whole country I believe, look at their biodatas and you will see, murderers, perverts, mafias… one will wonder what are they doing out of jail.

You will find all kinds of criminal profiles, who after being almost proved guilty all of a sudden get clean chit, why? because the cases stretch on and on for decades and all the time the suspects roam free with all their power and their witnesses start changing their minds.

India should never have gone for multiple party system to start with, it should have been a two party system in the center, because that would have kept the number of wolves limited and they would have had to prove something to get vote. But if there was two party system the politicians would have had to earn it… so …. whereas now, a party that earns 31% vote can loot the country for full five years.

It is true that Indian democracy is better off than quite a few other democracies but that is no longer enough. If a country can not provide its public to chose the best party for itself then that country’s politicians need a massive eradication from the political arena, Indians dont chose the “best” party, they are forced to chose the “better amongst worst”, how can these people have this audacity?

I personally think there are two reasons- in general Indians are corrupted so they want a thief, who will ignore their ways of earning money, after all, if the government becomes actually honest what will happen to black money, bribe, illegal businesses etc. etc.

The second one is of-course controlling the totally ignorant masses, people who think they should serve the politicians, not the actual truth, that politicians earn a huge salary to serve them.

I wonder after the present result if Indians actually deserve a decent government or they just elect someone like majority of themselves are hypocrites dipped deep in sin, preaching about dharma.

thursday blog 10.4.14



  1. It seems to me that you have very pessimistic view of Indian politics. Perhaps that is what life’s experience has taught you. India is a free wheeling country, it seems to me, and this is something we are told we want to. But in a so called “free country” only a small group of people is free. The rest has to follow them and live in poverty.

    People can only be free in a regulated country where all stick to the same rules. But in our country, as probably in your country, there are rules the masses have to follow and and there are unwritten rules that allows the few not to follow the other rules. And, they are getting richer by the minute.

    Democracy is a great for some of the people.

    1. guilty as charged my dear friend, its quite depressing to observe the colourful lifestyles of those who run the country… i too can ignore and watch romantic movies and entertain myself but i believe in doing my bit, maybe, these words will let those who are actively trying to change the country that they have our support 🙂


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