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Friday Fury 18.7.14

A psycho lives near the house where I am at present living, I have seen her from a distance, an older woman, psychos always target harmless creatures, she is no exception, her fancy is the small patch of nature given greenery that lies behind my kitchen.

Every time those wild plants start growing psycho goes crazy.

No, she doesnot have small children, or a family that lives in her asylum, the doors are almost always closed, so are the windows… no sign of anyone but psycho herself, so she is not worrying about her grandkids getting devourred by imaginary tigers or bitten by snakes, ants etc.

Now, knowing human beings I know they are not generous enough to bother about the wellbeing of neighbours, if they were they would not have been littering that place with garbage, when the garbage collector comes every morning to collect it.

So all I can guess that when psycho starts having the delusions she starts imagining those plants as demon army trying to rip her to pieces and goes crazy… or may be she stores them as food…

these brainless jerks should be cemented to their neck… because these jerks are the main reason behind disappearing greenery in the mass scale.

friday fury 4.4.14


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2 thoughts on “Friday Fury 18.7.14

    1. she is psycho at her extreme 😦
      Those plants look really pretty in this concrete jungle, as she is so busy ripping them off she may try to start some gardening there.
      She rips off those plants, and the entire place is littered with garbage 😦


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