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Thursday Blog 11.9.14

If you are honest then you will admit some parents are true nightmares to live with, so are some children, human beings are never perfect so those who create such a huge group of people of various nature and ways of thinking and then try to brand them, categorize them are really, really insane I think.

But, even if your parents/kids are not perfect how far can you go to change them? There should be a limit, limit of decency and humanity.

If your kids are nightmare you can simply dish them out the rules they will follow if they are to live in your household, dependent on you. If they just are not the type you hope then you should let them move on after they become adult.

Like them, parents too, some are really something, if yours are like that, you can walk away, but unfortunately in India they are usually thrown out of their own houses, the son/daughters/daughter in laws form an unholy nexus and the old couple is out of the home they have built.

In the end, it is really a brilliant idea for both- parents and kids to know their limits and try to last together. In today’s world, mostly you can count on your family members especially parents when things go real bad. Unless of-course your family members are real psychos. If you look around you will see, siblings, friends, spouses betray more than parents. I wish I could say the same about kids!

In the end, you cant blame one party totally (barring some cases) so both parties can behave and try to stick together. There is nothing like a family where three generations live under the same roof. 🙂


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2 thoughts on “Thursday Blog 11.9.14

  1. Lot of words of wisdom my friend. All situations are so rough and tough to handle by those involved in difficult circumstances. Nothing hurts an honest and decent person more than betrayal. In India unfortunately parents and children are worse off. There should be some humane effort by the government to help those in need specially the old and frail and the very young. Great topic and lovely post. I agree 100%. Take care my friend.

    1. you said it! its not only parents, the small children too are monstrously abused by their own parents. that is why i rather like it when the government reminds them they dont own their kids or they dont have any rights to abuse their old parents. they can always walk away and get lost.


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