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Thursday Blogs 6.8.15

Well, in a few words I am allergic to communists, that is the party that ruled west Bengal, my ancestral province for thirty years and destroyed it completely.

Now, I always keep my mind open, I know there might be one or two good communists but as the ruler of any place they are pure poison.

Few poisonous things that communists did for west Bengal-

1. They completely destroyed the education system of the state, I really think that these people were diseased from deep within, but as I watch a lot of movies, some made by ex communists I can see it is their common practice, they practice the most evil things hiding behind the sweetest, noblest blabbering.

During my days in red fort, burdwan, it is called red bastion and till date it is infested by reds, I came to know a lot of their dirty secrets from friends and others, by hearing and observing one of them was fantastic, amazing, these creeps used to “mark” “non communist” schools, colleges and areas and then ruin their academic careers, the teachers who checked their answer sheets had strict instructions to give them less marks, no don’t think it as exaggeration, a lot of ex teachers have admitted it.

If they did not do that then the men who made the final chart did that, the students were not allowed to re-assess their answer-sheets unless of course they failed. That thing was taken care of, they were given the pass marks.

Now, can you believe mentally sane people doing it to kids? Well if you don’t then you have not met communists in power.

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2 thoughts on “Thursday Blogs 6.8.15

  1. I’m allergic to Fascists! Sometimes they don’t even know themselves that they are. But when you experience what they do you know straight away. They don’t like other people at all.

    1. exactly, people often preach me about communists I tell them that I have lived in their bastion for 14 years and seen how they have destroyed the state that gave them shelter when they arrived in rags!

      Actually if you study them they are quite like Nazis, only they had to be cunning, shrewd and keep in mind that there is vote and a power in center which can interfere if they try to “slaughter non communists openly”.


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