Thursday Blog 20.8.15

The next step of Communist darkness became visible when my elder sister got her first job in West Bengal government, she got the job and some cops came to our house to confirm that she actually was she. They left, she said they asked for bribe which she did not gave.

Her job stalled, for months, later after joining she came to know that she has been labeled as political activist by the police and branded as a congress follower, which she of course was, our entire family was, you really did not expected landlords to love communists did you? But I respected their theories a lot, and even though I totally despise them in power I will still say that they have done one good thing in their reign of terror and destruction- helped the farmers of west Bengal, even though they don’t look prosperous but my brother was saying they are far better off than the rest of the country, I don’t know, but some of our farmers are far richer than us so… ;p

Then I joined college and realized how they poison youth, the first day in college (I hate politics of any type now and back then avoided them) and we were actually imprisoned in our classroom, doors guarded by cadres and force fed the glory of communism.

Later I realized in college that students were actually scared of these cadres I was not, they never managed to take me out to any of their processions, to which they literally dragged every boy and girl available, they tried once or twice (when they could catch me unaware) mostly I used to escape from college because if the students are gone naturally there wont be any classes, so why will I loiter around in college? I used to head back home) I refused directly and told them to go and cook the lunch at home and I will go to their meetings, actually I used to cook my family lunch and dinner back then so after a bit of suspicion they realized that I was speaking the truth and stopped trying.

Once I really pissed one of them and my professor saved me from that *** wrath, it must have taken some guts to mess up with comrades because he was not responsible I was responsible, I went to the teacher’s room and asked him to come to class because when I left the entire class was waiting for him and when I returned with him the comrades have gathered them outside the college demanding the “doom of US president” or something like that 😉

That cadre was ballistic when he saw me coming with the professor and the professor boy! he said that he was coming on his own did not knew that they were having a protest!

That fellow still glared at me like if he could kill me with a gaze … for the rest of my college life he always glared at me and I glared back 🙂

The books of political science were the clear example of corruption of communists, that book sounded more like a pamphlet of communist literature than a book from which young people are to learn something! I so hated that subject.

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