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Thursday Blog 29.10.15

Now comes the witch brigade, that is omnipresent in my life, basically I think just like a well-wisher of mine told me once they just keep shuffling me from one of their cages to other, manipulating my life from background so they can ensure that it stays screwed.

Now I don’t know if our ex rulers have turned west Bengal into a big brothel or as I think they have some special fancy on me so they kept bumping into my life no matter how much I try to kick them out of it.

Now, the refugee family in our house, I am quite sanguine that the mother and daughter both were quite active members of the community, because I have heard from too many sources, and they behaved like them too, not only that, so did their regular visitors. The thing that baffles me is why were they allowed to stay in a decent household (??).

This girl had more than just affection from me, my eldest sister used to give me a lot of gifts after I returned from her home in 1985, we had good relation till 1994, quite good, so she used to send a lot of imitation jewelry for me and my elder sister, and I don’t wear them, so I used to gift them to this girl, not only that I treated her like my younger sister- this creep used to follow me around, every course I took she too tried it, when I started wearing specs she too started to wear one like that.

Then my elder sister told me once that she tells people that she is me, can you believe it? My elder sister had to convince lot of her friends that she is not me?

This ungrateful witch had another quality, she had a fling with my elder brother for years and I think it continued even after she was rejected by my mother, because when we went to college (my mother used to spend months outside either in Kolkata, or with my eldest siblings) someone used to open door to our rooms upstairs and someone used to steal from there, every possible thing- money, clothes, books etc. My eldest brother was a piece of work so we suspected him but then I started to see dresses similar to mine on the bodies of girls that went to study in my tuition class, and of course none of them were available at home when I checked they were stolen.

That can mean only one thing, that this witch had a huge chain of “friends” and quite a handful of them were always present in my circle, right? Was it accidental or deliberate? Because the notes that were given by that **** almost ensured that my graduation results too get screwed, it was my sheer dumb luck that I don’t follow notes blindly! I had to throw away my notes and study from books when the exam was breathing on my neck, only a month away!

I somehow think that this girl was one of the invisible forces that worked against me, a thing that has been told by the rebel puppets to me quite a few times, that someone close to me is ruining me. Maybe there was not “one” multiple witches.

Now, if people close to you have a beef with you and take insane measures to settle them I get it, but what about the other witches who helped them to accomplish their tasks?

In the period from 1992 to 2007 these witches literally infested my life-and believe me they meant business, they clearly gave me hints that they will ruin every thing I like by hook or by crook. They did their best too! Whatever they could not was because it cant be ruined. I took it as a challenge that I wont let them ruin my soul, my core and God helped me into that.

Now, just like you I too am quite surprised that what have I done to these witches that they stole everything that mattered even an ounce to me, or I misguided them into believing (in the later years) that matters to me.

This is India and Indian women from my angle, I don’t ask you to believe, but to me it is reality. So honestly I don’t think I will ever trust an Indian woman with my back turned on her ;p

As for men, I have met so many puppets of these witches that trusting them is a tough job too!

I sometimes believe that India of present day is all about hypocrisy, not much good is left in those who run the show in public, I pray that there is some left in normal people, even though I wont go looking for that, have given them chance for 46 years and they have toxically failed!

Had this world not been so hostile to “outsiders” I might have left the country with a backpack šŸ˜‰


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One thought on “Thursday Blog 29.10.15

  1. It is a dangerous world out there, inside and outside your country. The world is full of people who spoil it for the rest of us.

    Indeed, you asked, where could you go? It is said, better the devil you know, than the one you don’t know.

    We humans have a need to associate with others, but we must have trust in others, otherwise our need will be unfulfilled.


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