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Thursday Blog 12.11.15

on 1st February 2015 I was really quite scared, when I descended from Falaknama express on Secunderabad Railway Station, non Indians it is for your knowledge, India is truly extremely diverse in every sense, and even though all are Indian languages but the languages of north and south India are as different as they can be, absolutely unintelligible, if someone tells me the story of titanic to me in Telugu and tells me that it is a piece from bible I wont know the difference. So, here I was with a brain stuffed with stories of how people of south don’t speak in Hindi even if they know Hindi and so on…

To further add up to the joy my brother left me within a month, he went to Chennai for three full months, now imagine my condition, I did not even knew the grocery shop!

Then I discovered how amazing Telgu people are, they are priceless, before going to Hyderabad I was confident that Kolkata people are best, ahem, sorry, my crown is won by Hyderabad people, and I really don’t think anyone else will be able to replace it.

How nice, kind people can be to outsiders- that is the lesson so many Indians can learn from Hyderabad people. They are far more proud of their culture than most Indians, I actually learned quite a bit about Telugu festivals, they are so in their own culture, but that does not makes them hostile to others, they accept everyone. πŸ™‚

So when I left Secunderabad on 31st October on East Coast express I was miserable for the amazing flat I lived in, and was a fan of Hyderabad people. I still am a fan of Hyderabad people but the new flat in Kolkata is cooler πŸ™‚


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4 thoughts on “Thursday Blog 12.11.15

  1. the story from Kolkata? oh yes, you will see them in coming weeks πŸ™‚ my internet connection is driving me crazy, if it starts behaving you will get full platter, or else only Thursday posts πŸ™‚

    much, much love.


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