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Thursday Blog 28.1.16-misunderstood or falsely tarnished

People who don’t talk much, keep to themselves are often misunderstood, and very often portrayed as negative characters. The homophobic man that lurked in shadow… the lonely man who hated the world…

Is it the same about Muslims too in general? Mostly they are very reserved and keep their religious affairs to themselves. They rarely invite others into their celebrations or share stories about their faith like other religions do. Their loyalty to their religion is quite enviable but there is a darker side to that beauty too. Quite a few of them have a tendency to be too orthodox, people following other religions have changed, but they refuse to change mostly.

Hundred years ago Hindus too were quite orthodox. All sort of ugly things were practiced in name of religion. Christians believed in witches and butchered their own women mercilessly. I am sure that must be the case with all religions, but with growth of science and global citizenship their shackles got weak and sometimes fell off completely. You can see examples in Africa, China they are almost as western as Europeans when it comes to dress or way of behaving.

Muslims on the other hand are very loyal to their beliefs, they refuse to change, but then again, that is their personal belief, so we should respect that aspect.

A percentage of them believe in global muslim brotherhood, that I think is a beautiful thing but under its shadow thrives terrorism, which again is carried on by a very small percentage, so can we brand all of them for what some of them do?

Then if we tally the number of innocent people killed by muslims and number of innocent muslims killed in the name of fighting terrorism, I wonder which number will be greater.

I believe mostly they are quite beautiful, noble beings. People who firmly believe in good values and have the will power to execute them!

Trying a new thing- article, personal essays for a change, do let me know what you think of them.


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