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Thursday blog 4.2.16 destroying talent

In today’s marketing based world the thing that is getting worst hit is talent I think, just a few days ago I was reading something like that in Vishal’s blog, my friend Vishal writes lot of contemporary articles and other more tempting things, like book reviews. He was lamenting about the glamour lost from award shows.

I remember as a teenager we used to wait for the Oscar, Grammy then with time the stories started to surface, how lobbying often bypasses talent and somehow some awards did seem to do that.

I get dozens of offers everyday – “to send targeted comments” for some fees, “facebook likes” and other offers are there too. Then I read blogs that have actually good writing in them (mine are not amongst them) but no comments or very few comments, then there are those who have hundreds of comments, every day, but without much contents. Not only that, most of these blogs come and go in a short span of time, they don’t stay for long, one or two month at the tops.

Now, we all have friends, but how many of them are that committed? I truly doubt that!

somehow one starts wondering if those are actual readers or just paid ones, everyone has full right to sell his or her blog, I am not preaching about that, I am just lamenting that these “marketing minded” writers/artists wash away talented ones like flood water.

Do you agree? That selling today works more than actual talent?


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