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Thursday Blog 11.2.16 cracker menace on dipawali

I don’t know if the people of this locality are kinder, or the people of Kolkata have changed in one year but the fire-crackers are not a torment this year. They are bursting but not bothering people. Now, come on, you can’t imagine Indian Dipawali without fire-crackers, but bursting them all through the night, especially the louder ones after midnight, to deliberately harass people is not a way of celebrating, it is not at all a way of celebrating. So I braced myself for a sleepless night, and can you believe it? People stopped bursting crackers before midnight! Mostly I could hear the fireworks, the ones that were more about light shows not sound, the ones I love.

If it is a specialty of this area then they deserve to be lauded! They are exemplary, and if whole Kolkata has changed in a year then congratulations! It is something they should have done years ago! Honestly loud crackers are cruelty, especially in closed places like Kolkata, where sound is amplified to the extent of horror. I often wondered about the sick people!

When I was in my teens I loved the crackers with sound, the louder the better, but then I bought Misha, and was she scared of firecrackers or what! That poor thing refused to eat on Dipawali nights, the first year she would shake piteously every time one went off but won’t leave me! Well, off went my firecrackers! I felt so ashamed to think about the torment I was causing her that I totally gave up firecrackers, because by the second dipawali she was scared of everything that had any resemblance with firecrackers, even if it made no sound! Her condition was sort of eye opener, and I realized there are other ways of celebrating Dipawali, ways that won’t cause anyone distress but bring pleasure to me anyways, like decorating the house with candles. That pleases not only the owner of the house but those who see it enjoy the show too! This stayed with me, I still love to decorate with candles, would have loved doing it all year through! But… firecrackers with sound, never again!

This is how we should celebrate, without harassing others. Thinking a bit about those who can’t bear the pain of loud sounds!


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