Thursday Blog 18.2.16 working mothers

In today’s world every woman, who is smart enough to know reality wants to be financially independent, and too many now dream of pursuing own career, because they too have a yearning to leave a mark on the world, leave behind their names!

When both parents go out to work, mostly the kids suffer, often quite drastically. Even in conservative countries like India two women with equal power rarely live together in peace, so most career women will rather leave their kids at the mercy of maids than live with their mother in laws, or larger families.

No matter how much you pay, how much you trust a maid can rarely be a good substitute of a mother of educated background. You really don’t expect them to be? Do you? They know very well that they are paid by you, and sooner or later you will throw them out, so they take care of your children if you are lucky, and if you are not they just make you believe that they take care of them.

Seen all types of maids, the ones that truly took care of kids to those who abused them and threatened with dire consequences if they told! It is very easy to terrorize a small kid, as easy as it can be.

Anyways, what is the use of earning a lot of money if your kids are neglected and are brought up by a semi-illiterate person? He or she will learn the values, ways of living from someone who has no similarity with your background.

These are the times when career women wish human kids were like birds, animals, who could fly away within a couple of years, don’t they? Alas! They are not! They need their parents for at least 17 or 18 years, some need them all through their lives!

Those of you who can be ruthlessly honest will admit, that without at least one parent to look over kids mostly go astray or are hurt in worse ways, by others. But you will also agree with the career women when they say that why will they give up their dreams!

There are two or three ways that keep popping in my mind. One, which a lot of men do these days, they become house husbands while the wife whose work needs office going goes out to work and earn the bread. These husbands sometimes work from home full time, sometimes part time. Sometimes wives do the same, they work from home.

Then there is that option, hire someone qualified to take care of your kids, like a governess with an ayah to help her, like royals and aristocrats did. Even though their wives stayed at home but were too royal to do things like bringing up kids I guess!

Or the simple, old fashioned way, adjust with your mother in law, hire a maid to help her but let her be the boss of the household and see what happens, it may surprise you pleasantly!



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