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Thursday Blog 10.3.16

Slandering tongues… one of the special qualities of human beings, which only human beings possess, no other creature in God’s creation possesses this evil vice, they settle their scores in open, fairly or unfairly.

This is a tactic used by human beings only to heckle those they dislike, deem as threat, to speak and spread canards, true or false. This is an activity as old as human nature one will suspect, because we keep hearing about their past destructions since the ages of mythology. How they ruined yet willingly or unwillingly most of us are sucked into this quagmire as target or as tools.

Those who say ignore slandering tongues are absolutely right if they are telling you to not let it hurt your heart, soul your spirit, and absolutely if they are telling you to not join them. Smart people ignore such people, they don’t join in, after all, we are not Gods, so how are we supposed to know before thorough study that s/he is speaking the truth? Or worse, that s/he knows the truth?

Twenty tongues are saying a thing but that does not makes it truth, it can be as false as falsity itself! Those twenty tongues might have been misguided, might have been dumb or worse, might have been bought to say that!

Now, you really don’t think that people can’t be bought do you?

Now, why won’t you open your heart and spirit to them? For your sake simply. If you are the target then ignore them, don’t let them ever contaminate you if they are false, because monsters have a way of mocking goodness by painting them as monsters.

“Oh yes! He is mister virtue! That is why I saw him buying wine…” While spreading the canard to two hundred ears.

“Oh! It was not wine? Gee… it looked like wine!” when caught by one or two. The remaining 198 stayed convinced that Mr. Virtue is a snob, who does all wicked things but is never caught red-handed…

If you give in to these sniggering people, who are trying to prove you fake, deceitful… those who are trying to paint you black win- you become tainted, then the attack will increase most probably to drag you all the way down or leave you shattered, all the while they will strut around telling everyone we are bad but we have the guts to say it openly, we are not hypocrites.

If you have been the odd one out, the one who did not fitted in, you know how true these words are, corrupted souls just can’t tolerate purity, they really loathe it, if they can’t corrupt it they taint it, if they can’t taint it then they convince others that it is tainted or corrupted just like them!

No matter how hard you try to keep away from them, try to convince them that you have no problem with their ways as long as they keep their distance they have other plans! They despise your ways and will absolutely stay at your heels till they brand you or drag you to their ways. As you are the odd one out so don’t under-estimate their power, because you are seriously outnumbered and bullies almost always gang up very well.

So don’t let them get your spirit, heart, soul but put your brain on high alert, so that they even after sincerely trying don’t get you in their clutches, and the canards, slanders… try to make as many friends as you can, so that their slanders and canards don’t spread too much, if you stay strong, surrounded by positive people those mud cakes will dry off and wash away with time maybe leave a few stains. But if you try to fight them alone or give in to them you may drown in that quagmire.

Every noble soul, every talented wo/man in this world has been slandered, some were destroyed by it and some walked through that trail of fire. Be the latter.

For the other category, if anyone asks you to spread canards, simply don’t join him or her, tell him that you don’t believe anything unless you have ample proof against it or just shrug and say “Is that so…” and then throw those words out of your mind unless you want to test them, but don’t help anyone into spreading them. You don’t want to be a part of that ugly campaign.


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