Thursday blog 17.3.16

India, one of the biggest powers in the planet at present, it has huge potentials yet it is known for poverty mostly.

It has been quite some time since British left the country, doing not only bad things but good things too, but still we celebrate their goodbye date as our independence day. Like we celebrate the day when India became republic.

Both are like carrots dangling in front of the donkey to make it pull the carriage, it concentrates on the carrot and misses the actual point, he is being manipulated into working for others on his own, without much reward.

He thinks that the Bad Brits are gone forever, after destroying the country, and so, cursing them for the rest of the time is the best Indians can do and of course celebrating their departure date with great gusto, wasting money without any reason at all!

That money might have been used to help poor farmers who commit suicide by hundreds every year, not because that is their favorite way out but because they can’t pay the debts of the money lenders when their crops fail for one disaster or other.

That money might have been used to train them how to combat those disasters or how to prepare an escape route. But, no way sir, we will rather spend our money on past, people long gone.

Even though mean hearts may ask what is there to celebrate in independence day, it is a shame that a small country like Britain controlled our country using not their muscle power, but our muscle power against us, because we are so good at hurting, hating each other that we bow to an outsider and slaughter our own brothers!

It was nothing new, was it? Being enslaved or conquered by another nation? Let me cite a few examples? Aryans… Greeks… Parsis… Muslims…. It started almost a few thousand years before Christ was born and continued thereafter on a regular basis, so what is all this crazy party for one single incident?

To pump up patriotism level so it blinds the reality level?

The huge amount of money spent on Republic day parades, well, that money might have been spent on improving the living condition in villages.

Have these politicians ever noticed the stark difference between the living standard of villages and towns?

They do go there but mostly in helicopters or cars, fuels paid by those same villagers… then they are always in a hurry to reach the next speech venue so they miss the things like lack of proper schools (forget about colleges), medical facilities… even the basic amenities like personal toilets!

So, why will they waste money after Republic Day parade? They don’t have any choice to elect an representative of their own, had they had that choice things would not have been so close to hell in villages, or slums…

They just go to their booths if the local political thugs allow them and then either put their stamp on the sign they are ordered to stamp or the ones their naïve brains tell to. Why exactly will they celebrate the republic day again?



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