Thursday blog 31.3.16

Those who had said that you can fool one person for a lifetime, but when it comes to more than one you can fool them for a while but not for long were wise. There is no doubt about that!

Those who are good at manipulation or have true depth, sincerity in their words and are lucky enough may have people believing them for long time, maybe their lifetime, sometimes longer but sooner or later they are fully assessed and often discarded.

Especially if the person is still around, living and can be judged, judged how much he follows his own principles, talks.

People may seem indifferent from a distance but in their heart, mind when they hear lecture they start to assess the preacher, so he is saying all those big things… let us see how many of them he will follow when the things get real! Not only that if they have power they may put the preacher in testing zone, to see him crumble and fall.

No one loves to be reminded that he is a failure in some field and someone else is a brilliant success in that field, they may ignore the first time, the second time but if they keep hearing it they will either go for an earplug or soothe their anger by one mean or another.

Now, if the man’s words are sincere he will pass the tests and his adversary will have to admit, even if bitterly that he has succeeded where he has failed. He was walking his talk. But if he fails that will be a steep fall, a fall from which recovering is almost impossible.

So, if you want to hit heights real quick and then accept the fact that people will move on and forget you, you can try fooling, bragging, lying… look at the politicians, they do it all the time and get away with it. Look at the fake sages and babas… they do it all the time and get away till their cover is blown and they run for their lives or just disappear from public eye.

Returning to previous position is almost impossible because people have a tendency to hate those who play with their deepest feelings, their purest thoughts like love, faith.

Mostly they make a comeback if they have been falsely slandered or convince people by one mean or other that they have been falsely slandered or today’s age, if they buy media and its services to raise them to an ethereal height.

But even then, mostly they don’t have followers in real sense, they have to buy them, by one mean or other, mostly money works wonder in this field in poor countries or promises of future wealth. You can learn this trick from communists, that is the carrot they dangle in front of young men, women- give us your soul, conscience, slavery for a couple of decades and ye shall be rewarded with government jobs. They actually fulfill their promises to some extent too, can’t give all of them government services, there are not that many posts but reward some to keep others running for the carrot. But, even they are not fooled, they too know that the words they are hearing, the things they are doing are not good but they do it for their own good, without being fooled an ounce mostly or duped at the end but too powerless to protest or fight, fooled not at all!

On the other hand, those who are actually genuine, they rarely have a strong follower base, in place of that they have handful of devoted followers, those who know what they are hearing is genuine and the person saying them follows them, so they stay with that through time and mostly slanders too, that today is the greatest weapon of corrupts. If you can’t corrupt someone slander! Tongues are available on market these days, those who will successfully hoodwink majority for a price, all you need is to buy a few or become one.

One wonders if Buddha or Jesus was born in present age would they have been revered or slandered! Honestly, I often wonder if politicians had taken them as threats in next election what would have happened then!



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