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Thursday Blog 14.4.16 hypocrisy or worse 1st Indian plague

Indians are hypocrite-there is no doubt about that-period! The thing that baffles one who thinks and acts accordingly is why this hypocrisy?

You know you are human, you are lying, cheating, doing almost everything that is labeled as bad, so are most of the people around you, you can actually see them doing, no guessing games, then why this babbling about “East or west India is best.. on every aspect!”

Why trying to think that the rest of the world is idiot who will believe in those lies without checking, or is that the idea? Keeping others hoodwinked by repeating the same lies with hundred mouths? Together we fool, together we reap the profits!

One may start feeling that! After all, if you want to know about Sweden you will check out what Swedish people say, think about themselves, their country, their culture. Chances of verifying their authenticity before landing, staying there are very slim. So, if you are planning a branch of your office in India who will you check out- mostly the public and public forums I guess. That too the ones in India, living there. Now how the hell will you know that they are hypocrite? You will know that after living here for some time, after knowing the people if you can, and if you are lucky then before it is too late!

One does wonders that if it is hypocrisy or just a gang of shrewd predators herding the others pretending to lead them to oasis in desert.



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2 thoughts on “Thursday Blog 14.4.16 hypocrisy or worse 1st Indian plague

  1. Your opinion of your fellow Indian citizens is not very high. It must be tough to live among them. Perhaps life is tough there and cheating and pretending is a way of life and a means of survival.

    1. I really don’t think so Peter, I think our lack of morals has dragged the country this low, we are hypocrites, we really talk a lot about “honesty and other great values” but don’t try to follow them. Had the majority of the country been honest then things would not have been this bad.


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