Thursday Blog 9.6.16

(Continued from last 2 weeks)

That boiling water is not enough, it is dirty too, when I first opened the taps after shifting here, in November the water that greeted me was like those horror movie waters, when the actors enter a house and turn on a tap, the type of water that greeted Daniel Radcliffe in “The woman in Black” when he tried the tap in the kitchen of that haunted house. It was absolutely black in colour, it improved after I let it flow for a while (ten or so buckets- which in my dictionary is disgusting waste of water). Well, I thought that as we are the first dwellers of this flat, ever since our landlords bought it ten year or so ago so this water must be the water rotting in the pipes. Ha!!!

We had a heat-wave here this year, entire March and April I think, it was blazing hot!!! The added delight was the water. What do doctors say when you are going through a heat wave? Take frequent bath, right? Well, how can you have frequent bath when the water is boiling from 11 in the morning? You can take an early morning bath and wait for 8 p.m. to take the second bath. That is you suffer the entire blazing heat without least respite and then take bath.

Well I did solve it a bit by filling up buckets but lo! Guess what? The dark water bared its fangs invisibly. I used that stored water in noon and took two thorough baths after eight in night, instantly my entire body covered up with adamant rashes. It looked really scary! I looked like a crocodile or lizard! I could not get it, what was causing it, something I ate or my soap…

Then I discovered very late, after suffering it for two months that it was “black water in disguise”, I used to turn on the shower and stand under it, allowing to laugh all the way dragging me its home, purgatory. The water apparently looked white, but when you caught that water in a bucket it was black! So I started taking bath by dragging the water from my brother’s toilet, which is absolutely trouble free, unfortunately I discovered that a fortnight ago too  after the hell was over! His water stays cool all day long, is almost never black… well, so, I just drag the buckets from there to take bath. Honestly, that is not exactly the summer noon bath, is it? Three bucket quota!

Maybe we should buy some drums but he is already looking for another flat so… nope the choice is his, I have stopped thinking about shifting ever since going to Hyderabad and returning back to Kolkata. I just don’t say or think about it anymore! I wish I could win a jackpot and buy a small house somewhere- not flat!

(A little on next week, the rest will continue as I continue encountering them).

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