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Thursday Blog 7.7.16

[…continued from past week]

Since I started trying publishing my books I have felt the need of a bank account, I had one in Burdwan but as I don’t go there having that is useless, and most probably it is nullified by now, because it has been inactive since 2005. I had another too, in joint with my brother and mother, which my brother told me in past that is nullified and shut {Now he is not that sure}, so I thought about opening a new one, now I have very little money, with that I can open an account if a government bank allows me, so when I read about our new prime minister’s brand new “hoax” that will allow people like me to open an account- those who have no money and only voter identification cards to identify themselves, don’t have a “legal document containing their current address”. A right that Reserve Bank of India allows us too, the commonest of common Indians- to have a bank account with a simple application stating the necessary things like name, age, address… attested by oneself! But the banks ignore those blabbering by prime minister and Reserve Bank, they are their own masters in India.

When I was shown the gate by the bank in Hyderabad saying that it has been called off I believed them and returned home. Then I did some surfing and realized that the banks all over India have been telling people that “it has been called off” whereas the political parties are most probably still crooning it as a big advantage given to the common folks by their revered party!

Apparently Indian Government’s greatest field of expertise is heckling common people, trying every possible method to make their lives miserable.

[Rest in Next Week]

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