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Thursday Blog 27.4.17

The world has all of a sudden became infested with idiots or these days every idiot is vocal, the greater the stupidity louder is their voice or wider is their reach? Honestly, no country, no religion can say that their country or religion is free of idiots, vocal loud speaking imbeciles!

Honestly it takes a lot of self control to not react sometimes, I accidentally stumbled upon the blog written by an lunatic, sorry, that is the only name applicable to that fellow, who just like any idiot barks without knowing anything at all. In his blog he tried his level best to prove that Mother Goddess Kali is Satan and we Hindus are of course devil worshippers. This super-smart lunatic’s reference is movie. Well that says it all, right? I will personally just humbly remind him that he should just do a little study how Hindus treat the religious idols of others, including his- Jesus Christ and then he should do some homework how people like him treat the religious idols of other religions- by making tattoos of them on feet, and calling them satan etc. etc. He will get the answer. Followers of which religion are more respectful to the views of others. We Hindus don’t need to degrade Allah, Christ or Buddha to uplift our religion. We don’t care who is worshipping whom, we keep our concentration on our own deities.

This raving lunatic wrote a post when some times in past an image of Mother Goddess Kali was shown in some US building, I don’t remember which building, his name is shoebat. Most probably it is a fake name, appears to be, if it is original then you will be able to get to read the article and like me be stunned with his cheapness and stupidity.

Do one favour to yourself don’t prove your idiocy to whole world.


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