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Thursday Blog 12.7.18

Thursday Blog 24.5.12

“Honour killing” does it becomes justified if you call the butchering of the worst sort an honourable thing?

This is one of the ugliest forms of religious intolerance, in old civilizations like Indian the division is deeper; namely – caste, region, language and heaven only know what else.

I too think that two persons will think the pros and cons before marrying, not after that. I also think that it becomes tougher for two people to enter a lifetime relationship if their very lifestyle is as different as day and night. But, love makes things happen. That’s the beautiful magic of love. So why not merge the religions for the sake of the love you claim to have towards your children?

Is accepting a person of another religion as your family member that tough?

Sometimes the society makes them take these ugly steps, who will dance with joy if his one kid marries someone from different religion and that results in his social boycott? Including his remaining children staying unmarried or his family members being deprived of last religious rituals after death? But that can’t be the excuse for people living abroad or in modern metros with no contact whatsoever with their religious activities. Say, in the rude sense, if you can walk around in bikini, live together or drink with your parents/kids why can’t you marry a man from Mars or your kid can’t marry one from there? Your religious way of life is not the obstacle, something else is.


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