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I was having a discussion with Keerti, one of my blogging friends over my last post on dowry, last Thursday.

I don’t know whether she agrees with me or not but I believe financial independence of Indian women/ women all over the world is the best remedy against suffering of women. If women start to live on their own income they won’t suffer torture. Why will they?

The capability of living an independent life adds a glow to person’s personality; once they start living independent life love will come automatically to them. Then love will come to them on free will, they won’t have to look for it after paying lump-sum money to their in-laws in pretext of their “future”.

No matter, from what angle I see I bump back to the same opinion, if women are financially independent then half of their torture and dowry deaths will vanish.

Now my wicked self asks me why society refuses to realize this simple truth.

Well, for an instance that will deprive them off the largest number of free slaves, in form of wives, daughters and sisters.

Women who stay at home “don’t work” yet the household chores are done by themselves without a single dime of expense but their up-keeping. In return of their loving, dedicated service they are tagged as “idle” “loiter around the home all day long” just because they don’t earn money.
I have seen men who are desperate to keep their women under their control don’t allow them to work, even if they are more qualified than them, initially the woman is happy in her small or big nest, full of dreams, then come the children, by the time they are old enough to be left on their own, she loses priceless years, her husband does not seems that sweet anymore and she realizes that she has made a blunder by not being self dependent when there were chances of becoming that.

This month, with a big thanks to Keerti I will submit my case, why I so much advocate the financial self dependence of all women.


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