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The interesting point is neither the books, nor media shows women as role models. The most powerful girl I have recently encountered on a movie is of course a Hollywood girl, the leading character of “The girl with a dragon tattoo”; now she was not the perfect woman, nor is any other woman. She was a drug addict, quite nymphomaniac, but her strength of character was enviable. She was being blackmailed by the counselor who held the purse-string to her inherited money; she had to satiate his carnal lust every time she went for her checks, oh! How I love the medicine she handed him and cured him permanently. No! She did not killed him, she just snipped him to his size and made arrangements that every woman is cautious of him.

Then she spent the rest of the movie as an independent girl who was capable of taking care of herself and the hero sitting right in the middle of valley of vicious death.

The movie is really grim and absolutely for adults but such women are the role models of present age. If she is too much for our society to digest then they can at-least highlight the women who make a career for themselves by fighting odds, and to make that career I am quite sure that they had to neglect household chores a lot. If these women are portrayed as role-models more young girls will stop wasting their precious hours in training themselves to become “ideal housewives”.

A woman is not a magician, she can’t play four roles together at a time; that too perfectly. Most women are expected to play the role of ideal daughter, helper, student and sister before marriage. After marriage ideal daughter in law, help, career woman/housewife, mother and wife!

Women themselves should realize that no one else decides their role in life. If they don’t want to be financially independent, or don’t want to have a career, and prefer to become a housewife then they may busy themselves in learning the tricks but if they are ambitious or would rather live their life in the outside world then there is nothing to feel guilty about that. They have full right to live the way they want, but then again it goes back to the ground zero, it has to start from very young age; and at that age only parents, schools or society can implant that seed in their mind.

May be, we can edit to text books and in place of phrases like “Sita is a good girl, she helps her mother in running the household errands.” To “Sita is a good girl, she goes to the local Women Cooperative to learn tailoring after studying, so she can become financially independent.”

Or “Sita is a good girl, she speaks softly, is obedient to her parents and stays at home after school or before school.” To “Sita is a good girl, she speaks softly, is obedient to elders and plays football in the local club, wants to play for India some day.”

And those Hindi movies and serials, in place of fooling women that drunkard, lecherous husbands can be corrected by a wife! Or it’s perfectly glamorous if they weep on your deathbed after tormenting you through-out your life can speak the truth. A woman should not be portrayed as some kind of angel who loves to get tormented. A woman should be portrayed as a human being, who loves and wants to be loved in return.


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