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Agnijaat Magh, January 2019 critique by Troy David Loy

Agnijaat Magh 1425 Critique:
By Troy David Loy

Salutations, O humans! This Falgun I offer the previous issue of Fireborn’s critique. I’ll not what stands out, what’s new or simply updated, what I liked, and questions that rear their heads, as this is a critique, after all! So, let’s do this!

Indie Author Speaks – Pocket Money or More 2:
The authoress here suggests a website for helping out new writers become more financially independent. I’ve bookmarked the website for a further look.

From the Quill of Femme Sole: We are the big cheez!
The authoress discusses the seedy side of guys who make remarks about female dress. it’s a common thing for guys to ‘mansplain’ morals to women through those remarks. Pathetic man-babies!

Hinduism and India – 1:
The authoress notes the ordinarily ecumenical character of Hinduism, as opposed to Hindu nationalism and the bullying of non-Hindus by those said nationalists.

India THEN: History of Goa:
An interesting account of the legends and early history of Goa. I’m myself reminded of the Goa Inquisition, perpetrated by the monstrous policies of Portuguese colonists. 2000 people killed is not 500000 people killed, but even just one killed in an act of persecution is too many!

Nature @Kolkata in Magh!
Good that weather there is benign in character, and I hope for a few weeks more in the authoress’s locale!

Wake up Hollywood!
Miss Basu notes the poor quality of so many Hollywood movies, and I don’t blame her! I’m guilty myself of liking Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse. Yes, it’s a superhero flick, but the quality of the writing is much better than most from a storyteller’s perspective.

Indian Raga Now: Asha Bhonsle:
Ah! A new singer to check out! I will enjoy searching for her playlists online!

Spotlight On – Rahat Fateh Ali Khan
Now, here’s a kind of music I’ve not heard much of, and this entry suggests listening at least from curiosity if not spiritual interest.

The festival of the Sun God? Makes perfect sense to me to honor the Sun, which even non-believers will rightly acknowledge as the source of energy for all surface-dwelling life on Earth. Without, it, this tiny world would be dark, and it’s surface life quickly freeze to death, spinning endlessly and dead in the void!

Theme for Magh: Versatility:

One: This is an almost surreal image, of what looks like a goddess bearing a lunar crescent walking through a field of flowers above the spiral of the galaxy, and worlds in the distance.
Two: A quote-pic showing ships at sea and a young woman in the foreground. I like this one!
Three: 17 syllable verse extolling the things about the world that make life worth the effort of living!
Four: 7×2 diamond verse in praise of difference, in ourselves and others, that makes the human experience so rich!
Five: Here is a frightening look at a world where everyone is the same, shades of the Borg, or Doctor Who’s Cybermen, but with ordinary people!
Six: This is verse celebrating the diversity of humans, warning of the opposite possibility in a less pleasant and so much more boring world.
Seven: A piece celebrating diversity in the human species, and the fact that we must learn to coexist rather than clash over arbitrary differences and petty disagreements.

Reformers vs Dramabaz:
Cartoon meme of the efforts of reformers being twisted and subverted for less than ethical purposes!

So, that’s it for this Magh’s eZine issue! May you flourish and prosper, and in
abbreviated Soruggon, Tf. Tk. Tts, Oh, just do well, all, and take care!


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